Friday, July 27, 2007

decent takes & silver lakes

so matt and i took a listen last night to the first round of songs. The instrument tracks sound pretty darn good so I think we're well on our way. next round of recording set for 8/4.

also, we just set up another show at the silverlake lounge in Los angeles Aug. 21st. We'll be playing with a new band, Hot TV, featuring Mark Bertuldo (the guy who did the orchestral parts on "for goodness' sake" on our last album). It's his new band, and it'll be their first show, should be awesome. more bands TBA.

and in case you hadn't noticed, despite our recording this whole month, it hasn't detered us from booking the crap out of every venue and band we can get our hands on. the breakdown of shows (thus far):

7/27 - Whistlestop w/ old man hands and red feathers
8/2 - Ken Club w/ the boyish charms, slings and the bears
8/10 - Che Cafe w/ roman spring, the airlines and poor bailey
8/11 - Beauty Bar (Las Vegas) w/ dios malos and poor bailey
8/14 - Casbah w/ echo revolution and fuusa
8/21 - Silverlake Lounge w/ hot tv and ....
8/23 - Cal State San Marcos (11:30 lunchtime show)
8/25 - Lestat's w/ the joanie-men

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Mark said...

I heart the Modlins. But I have sex with Hot TV.