Monday, February 4, 2008

a hard rain's gonna fall

well ... our practice space flooded.


we rent a monthly space and we've been having to move our stuff back and forth because they had to strip out bottom parts of the wall, replace carpet. lots of delays. and now it was finally all back in place after approx 1 month, and we finally got to leave our stuff in the practice space after our U31 show, and damn flooded again. so, i think it's gonna be time to relocate soon. hopefully our gear is okay.

as for news, check out the latest issue of Performer Magazine, the west coast edition. There's a review of our CD release show at the silverlake lounge with swim party, eux autres and the fresas. it's not online yet, when it is, i'll provide a link.

as for saturday night, what a party. Roman Spring and Swim Party killed it at the ken. we caught about half of the focus group's set which was good too. looking forward to this spring, that's all i have to say.

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