Monday, May 5, 2008

and so it's monday ... let's talk about wilco

after a weekend in san jose for work, coming back early on sunday to see kerrie caldwell blow my mind with her vocal abilities, and watching the Burn To Shine - Chicago, i dunno, i've got music on the mind (what else is new) ....

i feel the need to say wilco is amazing, and on top of that jeff tweedy is amazing. their performance of muzzle of bees (nels aside) is awesome on the burn to shine video. so much so, we didn't get our fix so we had to bust out "I am trying to break your heart" ... quite possibly my favorite music documentary. easy to say, since i haven't seen too many, but of the ones i have seen, this one stands out. perhaps this is because yankee hotel foxtrot would make it to my "desert island discs" or because Radio Cure is a song that can still bring a tear to my eye when i hear it (why they didn't play it at their last san diego show, i don't know) ... but man, if you haven't seen that dvd, remedy this and rent it. and if you haven't heard the album, please go out and listen to it. and if money is an issue, there's a little thing called the public library. i just checked, they have 3 copies of the album at the Central Library, Rancho Bernardo and University Heights locations. they also have the DVD in the stacks at University Heights, so if you head after work you can probably pick it up. go here:

anyway, it just got me thinking, and that outsidelands fest up in san francisco this summer is looking more and more appealing. Broken Social Scene, Wilco, Andrew Bird all on sunday.

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alex said...

and Cold War Kids -> Black Keys -> Manu Chao -> Beck -> Radiohead on SF Outside Lands friday night as well!