Thursday, June 19, 2008

islands today, modlins tomorrow!

yes, tonight, at least 50% of the modlins will most likely be in mira mesa, at the epicentre, to see The Islands. Arm's Way, and their first Return To The Sea, have both been Modlins' listening choices of the past, and i, for one, am excited.

and speaking of excitement...

of all the shows going on tomorrow night, i personally guarantee that this one will be THE one ... at the beauty bar ... with us, and some other people (Lemon Sun before and Get Back Loretta after, i think) who aren't us. which is all you can really ask for, these days. and i mean, at the Death Cab show, are you going to be able to hear such Modlin classics as "Matt and Alex lovingly insult each other" , or the latest single, "Alex attempts awkward smalltalk while Matt and Eric tune their guitars" ? yea, i didn't think so. we've really been practicing that last one too, so you know this'll be a good one.

and now, i think i'm going to go get a haircut, and maybe, a sandwich!

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