Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fm 94/9 , copying our idea, making me go back to the Belly Up

Ok, maybe not totally copying our idea, because our idea is that on thursday the 4th, 3 bands play their 3 SDMA-nominated albums in their entireties. And the FM 94/9 deal doesn't say anything about album entirety, just a night of friggin sweet rock and roll excellence. yea. what if i were to tell you that on Wednesday September 10th, you could Modlin friends Swim Party (Best Alternative nominee) AND Apes of Wrath (Best Alt Album nominee), plus Arm The Angels (nominated for Best Hard Rock + Best Rock Album), all for just $5? Might that be something you'd be interested in? Word. Get your tickets ahead of time here, and 50 cents of your $5 ticket will go tot he San Diego Music Foundation and the About the Music fund. Double word score. Also keeps up the streak of Alex (me) only goes to the Belly Up when Swim Party plays there. Triple word score. Well done, boys, well done.

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