Saturday, March 20, 2010

saturday update #2?

yet another successful saturday session tying up lose ends, as I met eric and matt at our practice room studio to lay down bass for This Is The End and Tell Me What I Should Do. now its off to run errands before meeting up with Stoph at the 2nd ever Wii Olympics, where the nation of Almerica has high hopes for going golden in Archery and Wakeboarding, and defending its gold in the Ski Jump, while eric is still hard at work recording guitar parts, or maybe just hanging out with matt in the practice space. who knows what goes on in there when Stoph and I are gone. ha. then if we can get a good take of White Lies (Modern Lovers), record the intro to The Hunt for Red November (as heard/seen at both of our shows last month), and get Stoph to lay down hi-hat on Benefit of Doubt, we just might have some new versions of a whole lot of new material next weekend. pretty exciting! (oh yea, i just name dropped like 5 new Modlins songs)

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