Friday, August 10, 2007

keepin on keepin on

might as well post these here: fliers (flyers?) for tonight @ the che, with sinfonia antartica, the airlines, the roman spring, and music in between bands provided by the dj skills of the roman spring fellas (and us playing at least a couple songs that we recorded last weekend), tomorrow @ the beauty bar in las vegas with dios malos, the vulcan freedom fighters, the wildbirds, and djs the rawkerz (if there is anything left of the bb after last night's swedish models / fifty on their heels / atoms / new mothers), and tuesday at the casbah with echo revolution and the fuusa. tuesday was eric's idea - in honor of HTBH's nomination for Best Pop Album @ the 2k7 sdma, we're going to perform the album in its entirety. every track, including the lesser-played tracks like the prude & the stubborn, which we haven't played in san diego since we hit the zombie lounge with roxy jones at the end of may, and allison says, last played at scolari's office with secret apollo a few weeks before that even. we had originally intended to play allison says last week at the ken club, but things just got crazy, aka we were running late and played 9 songs instead of 11, aka my roommate made his triumphant return from a weekend in san jose and shots (of tequilla) were fired. anyways, here's some flyers (fliers?), i think.

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