Monday, August 13, 2007

don't look back, here's to being happy

after a busy weekend, we're back in san diego ready to grace the stage of the casbah once again. this time for the extra special poor man's "don't look back" ... HERE'S TO BEING HAPPY (if you aren't familiar with the don't look back series, google it... and ATP). we'll be playing our SDMA nominated album in it's entirety, so get there early for fuusa and echo revolution, and stay for what will most likely be one of our most memorable shows of the summer.

as for a weekend review, let's just say it was tiring, but fun as hell. che cafe was great. beauty bar was awesome. the dios guys' are super nice (inspite of the sound issues we and they had with onstage monitors and the door to the inside DJs). the van was a trooper - broke down 75 miles outside of vegas on the way to the beauty bar, but sucked it up to finish the whole trip (though driving in 115 degree weather with the heater blasting in your face isn't the most fun) At least we now have earned our band merit badge for "broken down tour van". let's hope we don't earn our "gear stolen" merit badge anytime soon.

we should have another post on recording stuff in the coming weeks. we're still caught up in all these shows.

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