Thursday, September 6, 2007

day one: vocals

sorry for the delays on posting. we've been busy (and i've been to erie, pennsylvania twice now)

yesterday we started laying down the first set of vocal tracks. unfortunately my mac mini didn't quite have enough juice to keep up as it kept getting tired and quitting on us. a stop to fry's (and double the RAM) should put a stop to that.

"you said" got the vocal treatment from matt and myself, matt also put down some vox for "we're not quite though" and "she won't miss me" .... "with friends like these" seemed to be a bit more elusive ... and might require some T.L.C. .... more on this as it unfolds.

in other news, our podcast interview with pirate pods just was posted, so be sure to check out the band rambling through another interview (

that's all for now, we should be going back to the studio in a couple weeks to finish up the instrument tracks, and the gang will hopefully be making some headway on the vocals. perhaps we'll even post a demo or two for you guys.

until then....

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