Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 part harmonies, 4 star reviews

after pratice on tuesday, al, matt and I stuck around a bit longer to start running through the vocal harmonies for a batch of new songs that'll be on the next album. "bad night's sleep", which relies heavily on a well crafted 3 part harmony (courtesty of mr. sheridan), was sounding surprisingly good for our first run through. we also began working out back up vocals for "we're not quite through." matt and I will probably be attempting another vocal recording session later this weekend, laying em down, gettin'er dun.

i also just received a harmonica (in B) from dee for my birthday (which will go nicely with the 7 harmonica cheapo set i bought that didn't have a B). In theory, i'll be making my harmonica debut on an upcoming track on the album. we'll see how that pans out. Sure we could've changed the key of the song and made it fit in with one of the 7 harmonicas I already had (A or C were included) but the songs in B and, dammit, she's gonna stay in B.

.... the final studio recording session is scheduled for friday, sept 21st. hopefully this time one of us will bring a camera so we can post some pics of us galavanting around the studio.

and lastly, be sure to pick up a copy of SD Music Matters magazine (they're sprinkled around in CD stores, coffeehouses, etc.) as Bart Mendoza gave "Here's To Being Happy" a very flattering review and paired it with a 4 star rating. thanks bart!

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