Monday, September 24, 2007

we are liars, can we make it up to you on thursday?

so we may have told a small white lie when we said the last session was going to be on friday. cause, well, that wasn't true. we meant oct 9th. honest, we just ... well, sometimes get numbers and months crossed in our heads. so yeah, oct 9th, expect the boys and the studio to reunite for one last fling before the bitter cold of winter sets in.

however, we did have a glorious time working on vocals and picking vocal takes this weekend. matt and i spent about 3 hours on saturday and 3 hours on sunday laying down some sweet vocals ... hrmmm perhaps i should attempt to take pictures of all of this. i'm a horrible historian.

the infamous alex will be gracing the vocal stage (aka, the hallway upstairs in our house) to laydown some harmonies ... and one, soon to be glorious, lead part on "why did it take so long?"

in other news, we'll be playing the tower bar in city heights for the first time, playing with anna troy (and bart) for the first time. except this to be a night to remember. assuming you aren't already going to The National/St. Vincent, or Dan Deacon/Girl Talk, or !!! or .... well, staying home. or washing your hair. don't lie. everyone knows you don't wash it. you dirty kids.

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