Tuesday, September 25, 2007

alex slays the monday night mic

alex came over last night for a 2 hour vocal session. just laying down some initial backup vocal tracks to "it's up to me", "she won't miss me", "you said" and some leads on "why did it take so long?" ..... red stripes were had. tunes were sung. rice cooker was cooking.

okay, the rice cooker isn't part of it. but still very important.

band practice this afternoon in preparation for our anna troy/tower bar show, and acoustic practice for our Sunday show in LA (loverlee's CD release show).

it's gonna be a busy week, today or tomorrow matt and I are going to be going back through Alex's vocal takes, picking through and finding what's good, and what might need redoing.

and it's definitely official, Oct 9th will be our last session at the studio. pics to be available at that time.

and if you've never seen six feet under, i highly recommend hitting up the library and watching the entire series. we just finished season four (of five). it's a show that, as matt put it, isn't just an escapism show where you like being with the characters, but rather a show that's engaging, and you feel apart of, and like you're learning from the characters. you can sympathize with their situations, and as good or bad as the situations get, it's believable in the way they pan out and how the characters handle them. i only have good things to say, and if you ask nicely and put it on your christmas list, i'm sure santa will be happy to oblige.

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