Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Frantic Romantic - CD Release show, purveyors of awesome

have you ever wanted to be one of those people that says "oh yeah, i saw that band before they were big, before they were headlining coachella, before playing 100k person megadomes!" ... well saturday night might be your last chance to claim it for this band. The Frantic Romantic's CD release is this saturday. they'll be releasing their first EP "Say What You Wanted to Say" featuring 6 most triumphant cuts. if you haven't heard them yet ... 1) i'm sorry for you and 2) they were kind enough to put up a few tracks here .

just so happened they were played this sunday on the local 94/9, in the hour before us. and they were member of the day on 94/9 on monday (we were the member on tuesday) ... dang those guys are always just one step ahead of us. curse you frantic romantic! so in short, don't support them because they are too awesome.

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