Monday, January 7, 2008

if you were me

... you've been sick the last 5 days, and watched more movies than you have fingers. you missed great shows from Roxy Jones, Roman Spring, Vision of a dying world, The Prayers, the muslims, the sess (who i've been wanting to see), Anna Troy, the list goes on.

hopefully you're feeling better and looking forward to a show this tuesday at the Zombie lounge. Secret Apollo, us, Love Pentagon. it's gonna be ... legend ... wait for it ... dary!!!

so yeah, come on out. if you don't trust us. take these guys words for it:

"The Modlins are busy spreading their pop-rock seed in support of their second album With Friends Like These. Love Pentagon is an all-female band from Las Vegas with a thing for 'psychedelic dance rock' and unicorns. I could tell you something about Secret Apollo but, well, -it’s a secret." -SD City Beat

"Well-heeled indie oddities the Modlins bolster what's already been a catch-all week for Zombie Lounge. (Keep it up, undead booking guy.) Check out last year's Shins-y Here's to Being Happy and tell me again San Dagans cain't do Baroque. Cherry bill includes Love Pentagon, Secret Apollo, Pan de Sal, DJ Ding Dong, and Horror Nate" -SD Reader

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