Friday, January 11, 2008

if you were me

.... and didn't have a prior engagement, you'd be headed to one of these shows:

Swim Party, Birds and Batteries @ Surf and Saddle (up in Solana beach)
The Predicates, Beautiful Noise, Verso @ Ken Club
Anna Troy, Gift/Curse @ Whistlestop

swim party is, well, swim party. so that's good. and birds and batteries are from SF, i listened to some of their stuff, it's good. it's gonna be a solid show. i've been meaning to check out the predicates, but i listened to their first album on line and it's good, very well recorded. acoustic-y, 80s throw back. very catchy. And anna troy is always a fun time, nothing like blues and oldies to get the joint going. you can't go wrong at any of these shows.

as for saturday, you can catch us at the Ken Club most likely. Scribe amidst the lion is playing, matt talked about them a bit to me, and i've been wanting to see them for awhile now. Hotel st. george is one of those new "hip" bands. matt from vinyl radio, the dude from a weeks worth, i'm curious to see what they sound like. i've also heard the names Fing and Mojave around town, so why not. a whole night of local music that i'm not too familiar with, but most likely should be. part of me feels like i should go tot he black heart procession, manuok, calico horse show at casbah. in an old band i use to play in (woo! tuomas!), clockwork army use to practice in the same room as us. didn't really know who they were back then, don't really now either, but i heard good things. i'm sure i'll catch them in the future.

it is humbling to be playing music in san diego. there's a lot of good music out here. a lot.

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