Tuesday, January 22, 2008

radio play - fm 94/4

if you weren't smart enough to be listening to the best local show in SD (and probably california [okay, probably the country]), on the local 94/9 on sunday, tim played "we're not quite through" off our new record With Friends Like These.

i know, you're bummed. thankfully we're also the member of the day today on 94/9, meaning around tonight "warm up (or say goodbye)" will be hitting the airwaves. i think they should be playing it around 9pm, but we all know the time doesn't matter cuase you have your radio turned to 94/9 all the time.

we've got an upcoming show at U31 on the 30th with Anna Troy. don't miss it. it's gonna be legendary.
UPDATE: here's the flyer!!!!

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