Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the curse is stronger than we realized

so apparently the curse doesn't just apply to technology. I just returned from texas and was hoping to hit the practice space hard with the boys. unfortunately, the curse had other ideas. most notably giving matt a sickness rendering him unconcious. or at least making him stick to the couch and feel horrible. but i swear he's only a day away from a full blown coma. or at least the start of bedsores.

so expect us to be looking for a replacement singer/guitarist. or waiting til matt feels better. whichever comes first. in the mean time, me and the other boys have been running through the new material in anticipation of the upcoming shows. it's gonna be awesome. no no, it's like if you took awesome and wrapped it in a blanket of greatness. nothing like a greatness blanket keeping the awesome all nice and warm.

in the meantime, amuse yourself with music from one of the bands playing our release shows. these guys are all most excellent. hand picked, locally and organically grown:

at Silverlake Lounge show:
Swim Party -
The Fresas -
Eux Autres -

at Whistlestop show:
Joanie + the Secretaries (or is it The Joaniemen?) -

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