Sunday, December 16, 2007

new songs from the new album

if you live anywhere else east of the west coast, then it is already monday morning when i am writing this, and if that is the case, then i am sorry. wait, i think that came out wrong... anyways... cd release shows were great success. ah, whistlestop, how we love thee. and then to top off the weekend, or kick off the week, whichever you prefer, The Modlins rocked a secret show for san diego's own Village Hat Shop's holiday party. what can we say besides the facts that the beer flowed like wine, the wine flowed like water, and the water was Perrier.

but yes, if you missed us this weekend, With Friends Like These has been unleashed, and if you still find yourself without a copy, swing by the myspace or the website, or come find us, in the year 2008! The Modlins are coming... ... to the Zombie Lounge, on january 8th, with dearest friends Secret Apollo, and new friends (and old friends of friends) from Las Vegas: Love Pentagon & Pan de sal. also, at the end of january, we make our triumphant return to the place that used to be our home away from our home away from home, the former Buster Daly's, now called U31, with the always excellent Anna Troy Band.

and in the mean time, here are two more songs from With Friends Like These : Why Did It Take So Long?, with not Eric, and not Matt, but me (Alex) taking the lead, and For The Good Of The Armor, featuring Eric's new-found harmonica skillz. with a z. word. happy mondayz.

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