Tuesday, December 11, 2007

nope, the curse goes strong

well, in my last update. i thought the curse was over. i thought we'd turned a corner, seen the light at the end of the tunnel. well, it's a dark day in san diego my friends.

the cds were suppose to ship out friday (monday at the latest!) .... i couldn't get ahold of the guy yesterday, and just talked to him today (i should've warned him about the curse). apparently the curse took out their shrinkwrapping machine. the guy at the cd printing place said he spent the whole day calling people saying their orders would be shipping late (apparently, he never got to me) so what does that mean? well, the curse is mighty powerful. and i fear the last few legs of this wild ride. so, what can go wrong?

the CDs are now shipping today. one box is being shipped 2 day AM, which means it should arrive here thursday morning. the day of the LA release show, we'll have a limited number of copies of the CD in LA so get their early, and pick up one, or you might be CD-less for a bit. the rest of the order should arrive friday. the day of the actual release. of course, between shipping delays due to weather, truck malfunctions, misrouted items. it's destined to be a disaster.

our van could also break down. sinkholes could form under highways. the ocean could rise and turn the 5 freeway into a river. who knows the power the curse has.

but aren't you a bit curious now? come out thursday and friday to see the curse in action. taking down your friends and family, one at a time.

with love,
the modlins

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