Monday, December 10, 2007

matt's e-mail about the release shows and the curse

This Thursday and Friday!!! Why such short notice, you wonder? Because of... THE CURSE!!! What is The Curse, you may wonder? I'll depict in several vignettes.

Imagine it's the second week of mixing. All of the recording is done, and you are now fine tuning little volume changes on your new album. You press the play button on the computer and, suddenly, without warning, coming back to you from the speaker is is KSSCHSHHHSHSHSHS. Static. The program closes and the computer decides it no longer recognizes the hard-drive that contains YOUR ENTIRE ALBUM, making it's usefulness now of paperweight status.

Luckily, you've backed up your files on another drive so the album is fine. You mail it to the printer and go to Europe for ten days, content in the fact that you've got a couple days of buffer between the discs' delivery and your release shows. You direct all inquiries about your order to be directed to your band-mates as you will be out of the country. Upon your return, however, you see an email dated the day you left saying that there's a problem with the text titles on your disc and production has been stopped.

Thankfully, you get a hold of these jokers at the printing company in time to ensure the arrival of your disc on time, though without the luxury of a buffer. So, you and your band practice for the album release show and one -- two -- three amplifiers die over the course of a week.

You go to turn on your Pro-Tools unit, and it doesn't respond.

You go to send a band email about the shows, and seconds before you hit send, your house blows a breaker.

You write the email AGAIN and hit send, and the page won't load for minutes and minutes and finally, you have to force quit.

And finally, you find yourself at work attempting to hide from the Final Destination script-writers, sending the email four days before the shows.

Final tally(?): Shiva the Destructor -- 1 hard drive, 1 Pro Tools Digi002 Rack, 3 amps, 5 days buffer time, and 2 emails. The Modlins -- 1 new album, called With Friends Like These. Let's hope it was worth it. If not, all of you "friends" will be held directly accountable since we named it for you. If it works out, though, we'll take the credit. Though, we'll share it with some of our friends Swim Party and Joanie+Secretaries who are playing with us. Come on out and see if the curse should continue...

The Modlins are coming...


The Silverlake Lounge (Thursday, 12/13/07 10:30pm)


Swim Party (9:00pm)

and to

The Whistle Stop (Friday, 12/14/07 10:30pm)


Joanie+Secretaries (9:30pm)


With Friends Like These (our second album this year!!!)

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PS Both shows are 21+. The Silverlake Lounge has an $8 cover, but the Whistle Stop is free!!!

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