Thursday, December 20, 2007

thank you for a great year!

as the year comes to an end, i just want to give thanks to all those who've supported us, helped us along, recorded us, did artwork for us , came to shows, clapped along to songs, let us recorded you clapping to songs, showed us parts of you normally covered by clothing, laughed with us, cried with us, let us win at arm wrestling, never arm wrestled us out of fear, let us believe you never arm wrestled us out of fear, our friends, our families, our significant others, our not so significant others, my mom, your mom, sixto, the writer's of "how i met your mother", the wonder years, swim party, secret apollo, beta lion, the frantic romantic, the defunct sinfonia antartica, the joaniemen, joanie and the secretaries (hah!), the ex-friends, our ex-friends, ray "$10 autograph" suen, anna troy and her boys (sorry for calling you guys her boys, but well, she's a rockin' lady), bart, rosey, the beatles, the beatless, the roman spring, republic of letters, loverlee, hot tv, the now defunct babyheisman, tom and sarah, kyle, anyone i missed (i'm sure there's at least one I did that's pissed. i'm sorry!!) and lastly .. all of my bandmates for a solid year. we played 36 shows this year, about 1 every 10 days. we'll see if we can up that number in '08. we also released 2 albums this year .... we'll ... okay maybe we won't try and make 3 albums next year .... but new songs are already in the works.

according to last count, matt had 5 new songs. i have 1 (poor me), but matt wants to resurrect some of my old one's: everybody wins, all with it, life of someone else's shoes, birds of manhattan, suzy and the summertime blues. will any of them reach the light of day? who knows. but they exist. maybe in some far distant future some random CD will come out, finding all the modlins table scrapings just for kicks. but i can guarantee you the next eric song will be "monday morning", a song i wrote when i had a band with tuomas. i heavily reworked the song in my head yesterday after listening to the libertines a bit too much, so be on the look out. but uh .. until then, enjoy all these new songs that you're just getting aquainted with. we're pretty proud of em.

see you in '08!

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