Monday, December 10, 2007

have we turned a corner on the curse?

so yesterday i stopped off at Eric's place to pick up matt's and my amp. He was kind enough to take a look at them and fix mine (matt's was fine, might just be the jack on his guitar) .... So tomorrow will be my first practice with the newly revamped amp. heheh.

matt was well enough to practice on sunday, and my cough has dwindled to nearly nothing. hopefully we'll be all better in time for the release shows. ideally we wanted 2 weeks to practice as a full band. looks like we might get 2 practices as a full band. perfect.

but all seems well now. aside from our house being the coldest thing ever. i could see my breath this morning in my room. usually a bad sign. the walls are made of paper. perhaps cellophane. oh well ... thursday and friday are gonna be great.

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