Friday, October 26, 2007

another late night and a busy weekend ahead

last night was a bit of a doozie (sp?). i got back from work at 5:45, al pulled up, we ran through a few more patches he had to fill in. wrapped that up around 7:15. then matt and i hit it hard, filling in any spots where we'd missed vocals, retrying a few new parts. all in all, we worked with almost no stop (minus a 20 min break to make and eat dinner) til 1am.

foolishly, we followed it up with an episode of six feet under (only a few episodes remaining in the last season for us, exciting, but sad).

but the songs are sounding great, it was exciting to hear all the vocal parts and percussion on songs like "she won't miss me" or "with friends like these" ... they're really coming together.

today, we're meeting up with Kyle Thompson after work. he recorded our last album, and he'll be helping us again to do some initial mixing (we'll also be bringing him in at the end to master and make sense of the audio mess we've made).

the forecast for this weekend: Mixing and more take picking. with a slight chance of resings. she's gonna be a busy one. more pics of us messing around in our "recording quarters" to follow this weekend.

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