Monday, October 29, 2007

this album may kill us

time for another "look what we did/why do we do this to ourselves?" comment.

Friday night would've been a great night for music. a few good shows around town, we really wanted to head out the Ken to catch Red Feathers and Vision of a Dying World, but alas, the album is like an evil girlfriend that demands all of your time. but you love her so much, you don't mind it. though you may be further distancing yourself from your friends, but right now the love is too new, and the possibilities seem endless, so you are hopefully and maybe further down the line you'll find time for both of them.

in short, we didn't make it to the Ken. we instead went to Kyle's place to do the initial mix session. it was VERY initial as we realized we were giving him an audio mess that he instructed us properly how to clean up. thanks kyle! so yeah, then we went home and beat ourselves up in a closet for the rest of the night. saturday was more music. i demo'd two new instrumentals for gen's film (maddie said) and when matt got off work at 4 we worked 'til 8:30. some friends of ours were down to hang out, dress up and karaoke (a couple are leaving to go work in costa rica with sea turtles. jealous?). sunday, resisted the urge to go out and buy guitar hero 3, and matt and i worked on the album til 1:30am. yes, in the morning. BUT!!!! .... we now have listenable versions of 5 songs. i haven't told the boys yet, but stoph and al should be getting some CDs to listen to today, to assess the arrangements and such. the levels are all a bit off, but that will come later.

.... so what does this mean? well for starters, that we missed Anna Troy last night (insert sad face here). we'll probably be missing Swim Party at the casbah tonight (sorry guys!). hopefully we can catch the Secret Apollo/Swim Party/Drowning Men show at the tower bar on friday, as long as we have a productive week. it means, we have many more songs to get to a listenable state.... but it also means that there should be a new song or two debuting in a week or two. excited? i guess the nice thing about being an unsigned, "recording at home (sorta)" band is there's pretty much zero time between the song being done, and the sweet tune hitting your ears.

lastly, i know i promised pictures but, well, you're a forgiving bunch so you won't mind a few more days of just text eh? ...... thanks, i knew you'd understand.

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