Tuesday, October 23, 2007

san diego fires

as i'm sure most of you know, the san diego fires have been the number one priority, and on everyone's mind this week. our work office has been closed (and probably will reopen at the earliest on thursday). schools across san diego county are closed for the week. the estimated count of evacuees is up to 500k. in mission hills, we've remained mostly unaffected. friends and familes have come over to hang out, or seek refuge for awhile. our friend dan is currently storing all his musical equipment at our place (makes our living room look like a recording studio now ... i guess with his and our stuff, it basically is, well, since we are recording, both up and downstairs). there's not much more i can say on the matter except that i hope everyone is being safe, and all works out in the end.

i've been having to work from home most of the time, keeping up on the news, a friend of kevin's came by to pick up donations to drop off at qualcomm yesterday, so we went to the store about bought 4 cases of water, 2 8packs of gatorade, 2 24packs of chips, Kool aid "bursts" and some soup to take down for kevin, deb, dee and I. hope everyone else is doing okay.

on a lighter note, we've had a busy weekend. won't go into the nitty gritty too much as to what all was record and which songs, but we've been chugging away. we also took a break on saturday night to check out Scolari's office, hosting an excellent line-up. The Shrines played first, and though we missed them, we heard good things from the crowd and look forward to catching them next time around. we caught the minor canon, larger horned pop outfit from LA. matt talked to them for a bit. next up, secret apollo who tore it up with a great set through the classics. lastly, beta lion had a rough start (i blame myself for the power brick i let opie borrow) but they overcame that and finished off the night extremely strong. all in all, a great night. beta lion and secret apollo never fail to disappoint so if you haven't had a chance to check either of these bands out, well ... time to right that wrong.

this week holds a bunch of work as we have to give the rough mixes to kyle so he can do an initial mixing pass on friday, so matt and i are gonn have to pull some "MIA" time to accomplish this. i think we'll also be getting Al back over here for some more vocals.

and if that all wasn't enough, i've been working on the soundtrack to my friend gen's film "maddie said" .... i made 2 songs (1 of which i was told would work quite well for a particular scene, perhaps i'll post the song) ... and last night, kerrie, dan and kevin (all formerly of sinfonia antartica) were playing around working on some stuff for the film. i think dan and kevin recorded a few things today ... we'll see how they came out ..... though this is a modlins blog, so perhaps i should keep to that, but when you're recording this much stuff, it's hard not to go "hey mom look what i did" ...

my room's a mess .. and i still have a bit of work to do today, so i'll end this post now. just letting you all know the fire hasn't got to us, and the album is still on schedule ....

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