Tuesday, October 30, 2007

excitement runs high!

well, we're getting pretty giddy over here at the modlins camp. last night i went to Fry's to pick up a new external hard drive (currently the 3 sessions for our album takes up about 75 Gb) and we had no back up of it. so, out of fear the hard drive would crash rendering the album unsalvageable and causing matt and i to go into a bloodlust rampage, we picked up an additional external hard drive.

if you're in the market for one, Fry's has a 320 Gb, Maxtor one for $99.99. it's pretty sweet looking, has both firewire and "hi-speed" USB.

... and while i was down there, matt had told me he was getting me Guitar Hero 3 for my bday last month, but it just wasn't out, so since i was down there i could go pick it up. and i did. and thankfully backing up the files took a little over and hour. enough time to eat dinner, take a shower, and get in a couple games of guitar hero. yeeehaaaaah! My name is Jonas and Cherub Rock!

but yeah, another long night. we were up til just after 2pm, organizing, picking takes (yeah, we're still doing that), getting levels right. it's exhausting. stoph stopped by to pick up some intial mixes and he's diggin' in. so far, on my CD of initial burns today I have:

Bad Night's Sleep
For The Good of The Armor
For The Good of The Armor (alternate arrangement w/ different back up vocal pattern)
Her Political Heart
She Won't Miss Me
Warm Up (Or Say Goodbye) (new recording!!)
We're Not Quite Through
We're Not Quite Through (alternate arrangement w/ piano and more handclaps)
and Intro to another song
With Friends Like These
You Said

it's been very exciting to start listening to the new songs finally come to a near completed state. I won't really be working on the album tonight as i'm 1) driving up with dee to LA to catch kevin drew and the "broken social scene presents spirit if ..." tour and 2) i have to run a conversion this week for a client. tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. probably no halloween festivities for me and if i get done with work at a reasonable hour tomorrow, more working on the album. surprise, surprise.

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