Friday, November 2, 2007

DISASTER STRIKES!!! (but the mods are ready)

So remember how i was telling you about that great deal on an external hard drive? So in case something bad happens we would have our album in two spots? something bad happened.

last night, after a few hours of cleaning up Full Moon, our old workhorse (the hard drive that contained the masters of Here's To Being Happy, and the one we were using for this album) died . He, like so many others, died before his time. Deb is takin' it to her studio, they've got something that may potentially make it salvageable, but we learned a valuable lesson.

1) save your work often
2) always have a backup, in case something bad happens

we started this album back in ... july? august? something like that. and if we would have lost it, well, i don't think anyone would've wanted to rerecord everything. would've been a sad. our friends in the band Spanish Archer (now The Parklights) had recorded this song called "Counting Converse" years ago and apparently had an awesome version of it. it got lost. they had to rerecord it. and apparently, they say it just wasn't the same, but they couldn't capture the energy on the original recording. so sad.

So, to be safe, we ceased work after this little episode, and resigned ourselves to non-album activities. I'm picking up ANOTHER hard drive today so we have a back up (some people would say "but modlins, you've got a brand new hard drive, it'll be fine" to these people i say "you like to live dangerously, don't you? you probably go off and ride motorcycles into dragons mouths, all while shooting up Drano?")

more posts to follow today (progress made, a review/comments on the Kevin Drew show in LA) but yeah, phew. we're still on to have an album. we can now breathe a sigh of relief. for now.

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