Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new songs?

i'm not sure if this will work, but Mark Murphy, who put together the whole GREEN Exhibition @ the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, asked me if i knew how to embed or post music in blogger links, and i've never done it before, so i figured i'd figure it out here, for your (my) listening pleasure. if you didn't make it to Santa Monica last saturday, we had a blast, and the exhibit was most excellent - highly recommended if you are up in that area. which was an impressive area - parking lot at the end of a shady-looking alley, surrounded by about a dozen galleries, with lots of complimentary beer and wine, at least on opening saturday night. anyways, i digress... let's try this embedded flash player thing out! ... and i'm not sure how the powers that be feel about free things, but eric is on a whole other continent right now (he went to Europe without the rest of us Modlins...) soooo if you want, you can right-click the title below and Save As... to get yourself the mp3:

The Modlins - You Said

i think i like the look of that a bit more than if it was just the standard quicktime embed. maybe?

The Modlins - She Won't Miss Me

i guess i could just put the whole ms player up, but that sort of defeats the point, i think. but on that note, i did see that apparently we can have 6 songs up on our page now, so i'll talk to the other 2/4s of the modlins at practice in 2.5 hours, and maybe just maybe throw another new one up there tonight tonight.

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