Tuesday, November 6, 2007

so close, so tired

So matt and I have been up til about 4ish both last night and the night before. Good idea, releasing lots of music. bad idea, deciding that you need to resing an entire song because the "best take" wasn't good enough. but, all's well that ends well. Her Political Heart got the special treatment last night, and it shows. tonight's gonna be another doosie. final mixes of 3 more, and a couple shorties.

we also met up after work at al's place to go over album art. He's spearheading the layout with all artwork contributions by our dear friend patrick.

since my posts are normally pretty boring, lots of text, and i know we're visual folks. here's a couple shots. of matt and i recording short songs and working on music for our friend gen's film.

heh, my zvex pedal shirt. i got it free when they accidentally sent me 2 ooh-wah IIs and i sent one back. stupid honesty.

matt preps the mics for some acoustic guitar.

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