Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the modlins and technology don't mix

well, as if we couldn't have any other problems, we did. as of 5:45pm friday, my protools Digi002 unit is dead! not sure what happeend, but it turns on and is unresponsive. the mute button lights up, nothing else. so let's see, this recording project has killed a hard drive and a protools unit. great.

but we did the FINAL mastering session on sunday with kyle, which was comical because the last thing that separated us and the CD was hitting "eject" on his laptop. we got the rainbow pinwheel of death. to the point that we actually had to force quit the application and restart his computer just to eject the CD. figures that it even something so simple would be laden with problems for us. but i mailed the CD and artwork off yesterday. overnighted. so they should be getting it today and they'll get started with the printing. as i updated on friday, two new songs are up on myspace now. i'll try to get them up here soon too so you all can listen (for those with myspace blocked at work like me)

our usual band practice resumes today. and we'll start brainstorming ideas of promotion and preparation for the album release show.

we'd love to hear your feed back. how do you like the new songs? ideas for the CD release? things you'd like to see the modlins do (cartwheels?) ... music video ideas? maybe that was one too many requests to put into a post.

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