Friday, November 9, 2007

okay, maybe one more day

well last night was like putting all the gift wrapping paper on, but having to wait another day to put the bow on.

due to a mix-up in who was bringing beer, we ended up with a 12 pack of PBR, 6 pack of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA, and a 6 pack of Pizzaport Sharkbite. a guaranteed win! we ended up going through all the songs, doig the final bounces. watching kyle work his EQ magic. but unfortunately there wasn't quite enough time to do the final mastering to even out the levels and get the times between the songs right. but, other than that, we've got the finished songs. just wanna put that last bow on it. but that means we have a few days to sit, let all the songs soak in. assess the order.

so real Real soon we'll have a song up. but since we can still make some changes (and i have a few minor ones) we don't want to post something that might not be the final. so ... a few more days. but stick through it. it's gonna be worth it.

.... but last night we worked nearly til midnight, had to come home and then burn CDs for the gang. so it ended up being too late to go to the SD Dialed In show. I hope it went well (is there any doubt? of course not), i'll be waiting for Rosey to post her review of her show so i can see the party i missed. but there will be others. We saw Jason yesterday and we were talking about the show how we both wanted to go but had plans that night and we said "well, not a huge thing, since we did see a nearly same line-up a month ago at zombie lounge" (sub in Pocket Utopia for Henry Clay People) but still would've been fun. hope you all made it out to that show.

and we're still polishing up artwork and stuff, so it'll be a bit before we get a copy of the cover for your viewing pleasure.

but yes, expect in the next few days, week or so, 1) Cover Art, 2) a song or two to indulge in 3) pre-order ability for the new album. stay mod and have a safe weekend.

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