Wednesday, November 7, 2007

kill me with a brick!!! 5:30am?

so i got into work not too long ago, after our latest night (or earliest morning) to date. matt and I had to get everything finished up (all of the fixes al shot us over yesterday, mixing the last few songs, bounces, write up where everything is for kyle, etc. etc.) .... and sadly, that took til 5:30am.

what really sucked was this was also the last night our friend Nafi was in town for the Neuroscience conference. he had been visiting for the last 4 days and we hadn't been able to spend as much time hanging out as we would have liked. thanks a lot album. but thankfully he's a cool guy, and since i have to go to houston for a work trip in early dec, i might try and meet up with him them. but i digress...

the album is so close to do it's in the "sunny side up" stage. basically, some people like it this way. it's not flipped "over easy", or cooked extra long .... it's basically, edible at this point. butyou know, we're a .... hrmm ... actually this example makes no sense. let's just say the album is mixed, but it still has a few things left to make it uberfantastico. so kyle's eq'ing today. the boys are meeting up tonight to make sure we're all good with all the levels. we master tomorrow. i sleep indefinitely after that.

hopefully a good night's sleep. last night was a bad one.

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