Monday, November 5, 2007

four days to go and a weekend to rest (hopefully)

well, the frantic schedule is (hopefully) coming to an end. we spent approx 16 hours (no joke, 9:30am-2am) on saturday mostly mixing, picking a few takes, cleaning up tracks. yesterday, more of the same. i think matt worked about 13 hours, most of the time alone was spent cleaning up the sessions, deleting out muted things, making sure there were not "pops", fading parts in and out. you know, the boring stuff (snoozefest!)

but the secret apollo/swim party/drowning men show was excellent! glad we able to catch that one. if you missed it, well, i feel sorry for you. and all those around you. mostly for those around you. cause you, you're already a loser, but the people near you are like "aww man, i gotta be near these people ... they didn't go to the show, did you hear?" ... it's just sad. ...... at this point, i'm not sure what i'm talking about, so i'll digress.

okay, so today and tomorrow, more of the same. mix like madmen, and burn out like heroes. tuesday night, we're all meeting up to go over the art work. wednesday, kyle does his extra special "kyle mixing" which is basically like putting all the songs through the "awesome machine" ... so that'll be fun. we'll check all the levels one last time, thursday meet up with K-dog (i opted not to use K-Tom, but perhaps i should just call him kyle thompson) .... he's mastering it that night .. and viola!!! the album is done. or is it? well, hopefully. if not, we've got the next 3 days to make sure it is right. after that, sending off the music to be printed on monday with the grand hopes that it all should be returned to us just before the release show.

some would say we are mad. those people would be right. but you know what? how many bands do you know release 2 albums a year? (aside from Ryan Adams and all artists from the 50s and early 60s) not many eh? yeah. so keep your opinions to yourself. cause you're getting new music just in time for xmas.

in the words of one of my dear friends, cuong nguyen (takin' out of context, but it applies regardless) "are you kidding me? no one's gonna say 'hey, turn that good music down'" ... perhaps it's a bit out of context, if you get it, good. if you don't, well come to our release show and i'll explain to you fully the circumstances that lead to the quote.

oh, and most likely we'll have some songs for you in the VERY near future. so keep looking here (and our myspace page) as those will be the first to debut our new songs.

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