Thursday, November 8, 2007

one more day

so last night was a busy night. we all met up at the house, started discussing the tracklist, showed some footage of my friend gen's film .. specifically scene's of us playing live or the characters talking about "going to the modlins show" ... hah!

then jetted over to kyle's place to listen to snippets of some of the more polished mixes he had worked on. i dunno if it was just his headphones, or what he had did, but it sounded amazing. bad night's sleep is gonna be a gem, esp. a gem as the closer.

the closer? why yes .... after much discussion we've settled on the tracklist, unless there's some cold feet by one of us, expect the tracklist to look much like this:

The Modlins - With Friends Like These
1. Her Political Heart
2. She Won't Miss Me
3. Full Moon
4. With Friends Like These
5. Why Did It Take So Long?
6. For The Good Of The Armor
7. Oh--OKay
8. You Said
9. Warm Up (Or Say Goodbye)
10. Not Everybody
11. We're Not Quite Through
12. I Could Have Died
13. It's Up To Me
14. Bad Night's Sleep

there's still some discussion on the cover art, so we'll get that to you (yes you) as soon as we can. as for tonight. Tonight! is the mastering session. we're meeting up at kyle's at 6pm and going til it's done. which means that there's a chance we may miss the SD Dialed In Blogaversary at The Ken Club. But that means you all should go (since we can't go, and you can't come with us. we'd like to take you, but there's no more room in the car, so sorry. what you have a bus pass? still no. my you're persistent...) Swim Party, Writer and Pocket Utopia. an awesome night of music. Pocket Utopia is a friend of mine's (mike) band. i haven't heard them yet, just read rosey' review relating him a bit to bright eyes, but if his music is as good as he is as a person, you're in for a treat. and also, why did that have to come out like a saturday afternoon noon special cheesy moment. "good as he is as a person' who am i? someone who speaks the truth my friends. and with that, know that writer is a band worth checking out. we saw them at the zombie lounge with swim party a couple weeks back and they were most excellent. i hadn't heard of them before and i'm not sure why. they rocked. so do yourself a favor and check em out. swim party? yeah, they're good i guess. if you're into that whole awesome music thing. personally, i'm not. why do you think i'm in the modlins? (oooo dig!)

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