Tuesday, November 6, 2007

choosing a tracklist

as the songs have pretty much taken full shape, we're left to ponder one of the final questions. so what's the track list?

well, this album isn't some great concept album (unless you want to consider girls a concept .... oddly philosophical, eh?) so we don't have "death march vol.1" as the opener with the other 7 volumes to follow. instead, as i sit here and listen to the tracks and try to make sense of the madness, i can't help but thinking of high fidelity (probably my favorite movie of all time ... well at last up there with Eternal Sunshine and Science of Sleep, that Michel Gondry is a genious ..., and high fidelity is one of the few movies that does the book justice, in my humble opinion) ... anyway, the perfect mix tape. you gotta start strong, the take it up a notch, but you don't want to blow your wattage too early ..... is it wattage of voltage, or something else. load? ... regardless, if you've ever made a mix tape for a friend, or a boy or girl, you know the stress. imagine if that boy or girl was every fan or friend who ever wanted to hear your music and you'd have a sense of the quandary we're in.

i'm often kicking around track lists long before we even have the songs written so needless to say this one's been on my mind for awhile. the last few days are the most exciting, becuase you start to say "hey wait a second, that song is awesome, maybe it should be the opener ... oh this song should definitely follow this one." ... i dunno, i get a thrill out of it. like a puzzle. with no real right answer, just one that in your gut you go "yup, solved it" ....

.... so i just hope we solve it before it gets printed next week.

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