Wednesday, October 10, 2007

last week, this week

last week was a blast! thanks again to roxy jones for inviting us out for their CD release (and if you haven't already pick up a copy of their new CD "wasn't tomorrow horrible?", pick one up! out now!) thanks to squiddo for the support that night.

and thanks to everyone who came out for the gig show (you know who you are). Hot TV was simply amazing, and Sons and Lovers provided the perfect night cap. if you guys haven't already, go to the gig's website and click the Watch Now icon, you can stream the whole show.

as for this week ..... well, it's already begun. after practice last night, matt and I spent 2 hours picking through more vocal takes of "you said" and "she won't miss me" ... as tedious as it was, i think those two songs might be nearing a finished state. madness, i know.

and .... argh mayhem, we got bumped from our timeslot yesterday, so our NEW AND IMPROVED recording date is this thursday (tomorrow). hopefully this one will stick and we'll have some pictures of the studio to share with ya'll.

in other music news, tonight from 6-8pm at the whistlestop, Secret Apollo is gonna be screening some of their new music videos, and some old ones. it's free and should be a good time.

and sunday, be sure to make it out to the zombie lounge for swim party and the henry clay people. should be an amazing show. we know swim party will tear through their set (hopefully throw in a couple new songs, as i hear they're deep into their next recording at the moment) and henry clay are one of those LA buzz bands we catch wind of. don't miss it!

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