Friday, October 19, 2007

time to buckle down

thanks again everyone for coming out. fans and friends alike, it was good to see you for our last show for awhile. always good to see the swim party and secret apollo kids. and nice anna and bart stopped by as well. so thanks again. and if you haven't been to the brass rail (last night was my first time) ... it's an ... interesting venue. the stage set up has this tier kinda thing. stoph was off to one side. matt, al and i were in a line facing out. hopefully someone took pictures of the show, so we can post something up. but yeah, it's kind of a cool place. perhaps if they got a bigger/better stage set up it might be more suited for live bands. but we still had a good time.

but now it's time to buckle down. aside from an art gallery show in long beach in november, we've got a clean slate until the CD release show, which we're about 98% sure will be dec 14th at the whistlestop.

i've got the night off tonight, but matt's probably gonna be wading through some tracks while i'm out being irresponsible. the weekend holds many hours of take picking and harmony singing. we're hoping to have everything laid out for mixing by the middle/end of next week.

so the next time you're sitting on your couch doing nothing, or out at a bar livin' it up, just think ... "those poor modlin kids are meticulously crafting a delicious new LP for me" ... cuase that's what we're doing. for you. cause we're nice like that. really.

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