Thursday, October 4, 2007

broken record?

okay, i'm sure these posts are beginning to sound like a broken record (which is ironic since it's actually completing a record that we're talking about, is that irony?) .... but mr. alex came over again last night, a few more takes of a few more songs. we're the tortoise here ... but we'll win in the end.

practice tonight in prepartion for this weekends up coming shows, but afterwards, matt and i will be back at the computer hitting the takes hard to find the best ones.

as for our last recording date ..... OCTOBER NINTH! ... that's right, the modlins take to the studio one last time to finish off the last of the instrument tracks, officially 3 more to do, unofficially 5 more, whatever that means.

and what are these last 3 songs called you might ask (you meaning .. um, the text window, since i'm sure there are zero readers of this blog):

- her political heart
- bad night's sleep
- for the good of the armor

the next couple weeks will prove to be interesting, and our progress will ulitimately make or break our december release (yes we realize that we're attempting to cram a lot into a little bit of time, but you know what, we're here to make lots of music, not spend years on one album, we'll get to that stage in life at some point) we're doing the instruments live, we're having fun with it, trying not to over think it, so hopefully you won't either. you, the text window, who's stuck with me through this entire post, and who's been there for me for many posts before, and many posts to come. you understand me, you know my strengths, my weaknesses, my loves, my unloves .... your tolerance is high, patience consistent ... unconditional. we should run away together. tell no one ..... i have friends in new mexico. no one will find us. we can live up in the ......

what was this post about again?

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