Monday, August 13, 2007

don't look back, here's to being happy

after a busy weekend, we're back in san diego ready to grace the stage of the casbah once again. this time for the extra special poor man's "don't look back" ... HERE'S TO BEING HAPPY (if you aren't familiar with the don't look back series, google it... and ATP). we'll be playing our SDMA nominated album in it's entirety, so get there early for fuusa and echo revolution, and stay for what will most likely be one of our most memorable shows of the summer.

as for a weekend review, let's just say it was tiring, but fun as hell. che cafe was great. beauty bar was awesome. the dios guys' are super nice (inspite of the sound issues we and they had with onstage monitors and the door to the inside DJs). the van was a trooper - broke down 75 miles outside of vegas on the way to the beauty bar, but sucked it up to finish the whole trip (though driving in 115 degree weather with the heater blasting in your face isn't the most fun) At least we now have earned our band merit badge for "broken down tour van". let's hope we don't earn our "gear stolen" merit badge anytime soon.

we should have another post on recording stuff in the coming weeks. we're still caught up in all these shows.

Friday, August 10, 2007

keepin on keepin on

might as well post these here: fliers (flyers?) for tonight @ the che, with sinfonia antartica, the airlines, the roman spring, and music in between bands provided by the dj skills of the roman spring fellas (and us playing at least a couple songs that we recorded last weekend), tomorrow @ the beauty bar in las vegas with dios malos, the vulcan freedom fighters, the wildbirds, and djs the rawkerz (if there is anything left of the bb after last night's swedish models / fifty on their heels / atoms / new mothers), and tuesday at the casbah with echo revolution and the fuusa. tuesday was eric's idea - in honor of HTBH's nomination for Best Pop Album @ the 2k7 sdma, we're going to perform the album in its entirety. every track, including the lesser-played tracks like the prude & the stubborn, which we haven't played in san diego since we hit the zombie lounge with roxy jones at the end of may, and allison says, last played at scolari's office with secret apollo a few weeks before that even. we had originally intended to play allison says last week at the ken club, but things just got crazy, aka we were running late and played 9 songs instead of 11, aka my roommate made his triumphant return from a weekend in san jose and shots (of tequilla) were fired. anyways, here's some flyers (fliers?), i think.

Monday, August 6, 2007

2007 san diego music awards nominee - best pop album

and in other non-album two related news ..... here's to being happy (our last/first/only album) was nominated for a san diego music award (sdma) ... you can't vote on it, as it's in the acadamy section, but you can show your support by um ... coming to our shows, harassing the voting committee and ... wait, don't do the second one.

we're really excited, and feel honored to be nominated. if you haven't already picked up a copy of the now 2007 sdma nominated album, swing by m-theory records in mission hills or order one from our website. thanks everyone for the continued support.

round two (recording and vegas)

well ... it's was round two of recording last saturday. at the ass crack of dawn (9am) we loaded up, set up, rocked up, filled up (on some delicious mex-food at Lolitas), and wrapped up recording around 7pm. 5 more instrument takes done. we laid down the basic tracks (guitar/bass/drums) for ..... "why did it take so long?", "full moon", "not everybody", "it's up to me" and a beefed up version of "warm up (or say goodbye)" ... since all these instruments are being done live in the same room, the feel has just been amazing. it feels less like a recording session and more just a live performance set to (digital) tape.

with the remaining minutes we ran through some of the songs for our next round of recording (slated for sometime at the end of august) and then launched into some of our favorite covers (femme fatale, something to look forward to, being with you, too much monkey business ...... we even did a quick jam of Sweet Jane ... which probably will never see the light of day). then headed over to Scolari's to catch The Frantic Romantic blow our minds, and Secret Apollo continue to rock the house. a great saturday indeed.

sadly, i'm now in erie, PA and will be missing out on much of the weeks great music (the 88 at the casbah, red walls at casbah, um .... probably whoever else is playing the casbah) but i'll be back 11am friday morning, just in time for a run through before our set at the che. poor bailey had to cancel due to some unfortunate circumstances, but our friends Sinfonia Antartica graciously have joined the bill. in addition, it'll be round two in vegas. no word yet on who will accompany us at the beauty bar, but we're playing with Dios Malos. does it really matter?

Che Cafe - Friday, Aug 10th (8:30pm)
sinfonia antartica > the airlines > the modlins > the roman spring

Beauty Bar (in Las Vegas) - Saturday Aug 11th (9:00pm?)
.... um. us and dios malos.