Monday, October 27, 2008

more celebs ripping off The Modlins...

We All Want Someone To Shout For posted a link to a leaked track 'Robocop' off Kanye West's upcoming 808's & Heartbreak, so i had to give it a listen, and even though Kanye himself says its "not even the finished version", i'd just like to point out Kanye's repeated singing "oh--okay, okay okay" clearly indicates Mr West's love of our similarly named track off With Friends Like These. or something.

this wednesday, Commune Wednesday, and yesterday?


The Modlins come to Commune Wednesdays - which bring local artists, designers, DJs, and musicians together on the last Wednesday of every month - and this month's will be at the Bar Pink, this Wednesday, with special guest dj's Buddy Akai. Check out for all the info, plus images and music from past months' Communes.

And just to keep all y'all updated, in other Modlins news, while the Chargers could not claim victory over the Saints yesterday, The Modlins CAN and DO claim victory over both another marathon 13 hour recording session, and another 5 songs laid down instrumentally for our next (yet to be named) recording endeavor. Yes, 5 more songs. So even though I grabbed the wrong backup to Steven Jackson at the last minute before running over to the studio, and Stoph looks to take his first L and end his undefeated-ness with Anquan Boldin fully recovered from a concussion but sitting on his bench, the day was still an overall win. Thanks again to Mark for driving down just for us, and as always to Deborah for manning the magic boards. My camera was out of batteries, so no in-studio pictures, but thats ok, right?

Happy Monday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

a Repost for Terrin Durfey

If you don't know Terrin and his story, or even if you do, check out this link to SD:Dialed In for a brief history of Alex (of Swim Party) and his relationship with Terrin Durfey.

then try to make it out to one of these shows this week to help support Terrin:

Monday, Oct 20: The Belly Up, with Jon Foreman (switchfoot), Joanie Mendenhall, Years Around the Sun, Alex Woodward and Ryan Ferguson (ex Noknife), Sean O'Donnell (Reeve Oliver), Rob Machado, Dawn Mitschele, Molly Jenson, and more.

Wednesday, Oct 22: the Casbah, with Pinback and Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects.

Both shows are $25.00 and 21+

and if you can't make it to either show, forgo just 1 late night burrito this week and throw the change here. look at yourself. you don't need the burrito and terrin could use the support.

organic food and being vegetarian

normally i reserve this blog for music items, specifically one's related to the modlins, but i just want to rant real quick, and they i'll get back to forgetting to update this blog. if there's one thing i hate, it's ignorant, close-minded people. just this weekend, i was given the unique privilege of encountering one of these fine folks. Without going into too much detail, this person, while i was buying some organic milk, said "Organic? whenever i see that word i say 'Organic? fuck that! i'm not buying that shit'"

why? honestly, i ask why? if his response was "with the dwindling economy, i can't afford to spend a little extra on a process that is free of pesticides and hormones" i'd say, well that's your choice, and we all have to make cut backs. but if it's because you associate organic with some sort of... of ... i dunno ... i honestly think this guy (and maybe i'm now being the judgemental one) thinks organic just means "health food" and this red-blooded, "meat and potatoes", American (who had just got back from dinner at Hooters, true story) would never be caught dead doing something so reasonable as purchasing, much less consuming, organic food.

That comment just struck a chord in me, so let me also just state for the record that i'm vegetarian. i've been for a few years now and another thing i hate is people who think i'm dumb for being vegetarian. i've come to tolerate the "how can you survive without <fill in favorite meat dish of your choice here>?", people are curious and i understand that. i don't try to force my values on people and really, it's just a personal choice. But some people see it as an attack on them, like i'm doing something wrong. I can't stand people who lecture me on how unhealthy it is and then they go on saying they refuse to eat vegetables cause they are gross. if i'm gonna have a shrunken brain when i'm 70 due to my high soy, b12 deficiency, at least i can laugh at you after your third triple bypass. so can we all agree that it's not wrong to not want to eat a dead animal? not that i'm saying it's wrong to eat one, i'm just saying it's not wrong not to want to.

and lastly, i'm voting for Obama.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Mans Treasure : Community Yard Sale

Yes, its a super rad Community Yard Sale at 6th & Laurel in Balboa Park, this Sunday, October 12, from 9am - 4pm, with bands ready to rock you as you shop, brought to you by the most excellent San Diego House Parties girls. What bands, you ask? Oh ho ho! Try this on for size:

12pm : super secret awesome guests TBA
1pm : San Diego Music Awards' Best Hip Hop nominee : M-Double-A-L
2pm : another super secret TBA guest
3pm : The Modlins

and DJ Saul Q on the 1s and 2s (and 3s and 4s) in between the sets.

There's even a whole website for the event, if the flyer isn't enough. Check out for even more info.

See you on Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

makes me feel like it is monday morning

If you didn't catch Saturday Night Live this (past) weekend, with Anne Hathaway, and musical guests The Killers, then you missed seeing San Diego's own Ray Suen hiding back behind bassist Mark Stoermer and a decent-sized wall of amps. I have tried for 20 minutes to find video footage online of them performing on the show, but the 2 clips on YouTube have embedding disabled per notices from NBC themselves, and NBC's inept SNL website only has the actual sketches from the show. So if you want to watch the hour of those clips in order to get the 3 laughs out of it, go for it, but otherwise, just imagine yourself watching The Killers + Ray Suen, and you'll save an hour and a half of your life.

In other Modlin-related celebrity news, Jessica Simpson appears to have stolen one of Matt's song ideas, with her latest single "Come On Over". I'm not saying that there has been a new Modlins song in the works for a few months now, which may or may not have been titled something along the lines of "Won't You Come On Over Here". I'm not saying that Jessica Simpson and Modlins' Matt Sheridan may or may not have some predestined connection, especially after the Chicken of the Sea incident.

All that I am saying is that it is 10 am on Monday Morning.

Do you know where your coffee is?

update: thanks, WeAllWantSomeoneToShoutFor :

killers 2nd song, Spaceman.

Friday, October 3, 2008

oh ben folds

oh ben folds, why must your tour go from Tempe, AZ to SF to LA to wherever "The Haugue" is? i'm pretty sure "The Haugue" is not in San Diego. and while we are at it, why can't you tell me when you are going to be on Conan? totally had time to catch that after catching Secret Apollo at the Ken last night, but no. and so what if i did just repost this video as posted on stereogum. happy friday.

update: here's the text message i just sent to my sister:

Hey did you buy the new Ben Folds album? Also can you tell me how to get to your house? Also, hi!