Wednesday, May 26, 2010

with friends like these... (swim party & friends @ the whistlestop)

i didn't make it out to this but the other Modlin fellows were there, plus lots more friends. will missing this be my one regret of 2010? maybe, maybe...

"alright, alright, does anybody here, does anybody here know the lyrics to King of Carrot Flowers by Neutral Milk Hotel? everybody who knows those lyrics needs to come forward and sing this with us"

thanks, guys, that was awesome

Friday, May 7, 2010

that's gotta be another modlins milestone

with the addition of a few more songs / the latest bounces, i am no longer able to burn all of the new material to just one cd. oh yea.

also as we are putting the finishing touches up on these new tunes, we are also putting the finishing touches on what should be quite a nice weekend in the middle of June, taking us Modlins, along with our great friends Hot TV, up to San Francisco and Sacramento, with a stop in Los Angeles as well! hmm, and on that note, maybe the milestone is not the physical impossibility of fitting the new stuff on just one cd, but that i just made the longest run-on sentence ever? and i almost did it again!

in any case, the plan is to hand our album(s)-on-a-hard-drive off to Hot TV's / Where Does It End? -producer Mark Bertuldo tomorrow at their show at Pehrspace in LA. after that, maybe we'll have time to throw together at least one or two of the music video ideas floating around? or maybe just try and figure out how much of these songs we actually remember how to play live...

stay tuned for Modlins shows in june and july!