Thursday, January 31, 2008

thanks ... and if you were me ...

thanks everyone for coming out last night. man, what a blast. U-31 might start to become a staple to play at (and thank you marshall for excellent sound as always) ....

if you were me .... you'd be at the ken club this saturday for Swim Party and Roman Spring. sure to be a killer show .... and if things wrap up early enough, the ken theatre next door is gonna be showing "A Hard Day's Night" at midnight .... too awesome? i know...

p.s. be on the lookout for the first modlins music video next month .....

Monday, January 28, 2008

this week

well, hope everyone's weekends were good. after a long one in sin city (with mi familia) i've returned to ramp up for this weeks shows. i heard the frantic romantic show was amazing. secret apollo at the chocolate shop was great as well (i guess everyone was shocked that the sound was really good) .... sad to have missed it all ...

but i won't be missing this wednesday at U-31, as we're playing it. and don't miss it. as of now it's all we've got until february 29th. full month without the mods? you betcha. can't stand it? we know. we're sorry. but make it out this wednesday ... i can't disclose the full setlist, but i will say the 2 songs that debuted on fm 94/9, "we're not quite through" ... and ... "warm up (or say goodbye", will definitely be included. so if you heard em, and you want to hear them live, know you won't be disappointed. see you wednesday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Frantic Romantic - CD Release show, purveyors of awesome

have you ever wanted to be one of those people that says "oh yeah, i saw that band before they were big, before they were headlining coachella, before playing 100k person megadomes!" ... well saturday night might be your last chance to claim it for this band. The Frantic Romantic's CD release is this saturday. they'll be releasing their first EP "Say What You Wanted to Say" featuring 6 most triumphant cuts. if you haven't heard them yet ... 1) i'm sorry for you and 2) they were kind enough to put up a few tracks here .

just so happened they were played this sunday on the local 94/9, in the hour before us. and they were member of the day on 94/9 on monday (we were the member on tuesday) ... dang those guys are always just one step ahead of us. curse you frantic romantic! so in short, don't support them because they are too awesome.

radio play - fm 94/4

if you weren't smart enough to be listening to the best local show in SD (and probably california [okay, probably the country]), on the local 94/9 on sunday, tim played "we're not quite through" off our new record With Friends Like These.

i know, you're bummed. thankfully we're also the member of the day today on 94/9, meaning around tonight "warm up (or say goodbye)" will be hitting the airwaves. i think they should be playing it around 9pm, but we all know the time doesn't matter cuase you have your radio turned to 94/9 all the time.

we've got an upcoming show at U31 on the 30th with Anna Troy. don't miss it. it's gonna be legendary.
UPDATE: here's the flyer!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

if you were me (the casbah would be your home this week)

.... tonight, Roman Spring will be rockin' Anti-Monday League at the casbah. we'll be there.

then thursday, none other than US. The Modlins will be take to the casbah stage again, first at 9pm (for all your early birds). with us will be The Bloody Hollies, Vena Cava, and Nothington. Should be an amazing night. we'll see you there.

Friday, January 11, 2008

if you were me

.... and didn't have a prior engagement, you'd be headed to one of these shows:

Swim Party, Birds and Batteries @ Surf and Saddle (up in Solana beach)
The Predicates, Beautiful Noise, Verso @ Ken Club
Anna Troy, Gift/Curse @ Whistlestop

swim party is, well, swim party. so that's good. and birds and batteries are from SF, i listened to some of their stuff, it's good. it's gonna be a solid show. i've been meaning to check out the predicates, but i listened to their first album on line and it's good, very well recorded. acoustic-y, 80s throw back. very catchy. And anna troy is always a fun time, nothing like blues and oldies to get the joint going. you can't go wrong at any of these shows.

as for saturday, you can catch us at the Ken Club most likely. Scribe amidst the lion is playing, matt talked about them a bit to me, and i've been wanting to see them for awhile now. Hotel st. george is one of those new "hip" bands. matt from vinyl radio, the dude from a weeks worth, i'm curious to see what they sound like. i've also heard the names Fing and Mojave around town, so why not. a whole night of local music that i'm not too familiar with, but most likely should be. part of me feels like i should go tot he black heart procession, manuok, calico horse show at casbah. in an old band i use to play in (woo! tuomas!), clockwork army use to practice in the same room as us. didn't really know who they were back then, don't really now either, but i heard good things. i'm sure i'll catch them in the future.

it is humbling to be playing music in san diego. there's a lot of good music out here. a lot.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

if you were me

... you'd be heading over to the casbah tonight to catch the great Republic Of Letters. word on the street is they go on second (10ish), don't miss em. joining them is Autotonic, The Lady Vain and Soundescape.

thanks again everyone who made it out last night for our short but sweet show. Love Pentagon, you gals are alright! great show, can't wait to play with you girls in vegas. Pan de Sal, what a party. the z lounge always does it up. gangsta.

Monday, January 7, 2008

vampire weekend

vampire weekend coming back to the casbah, 3/19!!! i know this band has been getting the indie blog love like some new swedish foreign exchange student, but damn they're good. i haven't heard a single song i didn't like. their daytrotter session is in heavy rotation on my computer at work, and i was bummed to be out of town when they hit the casbah up last time. glad to see that they are gracing the west coast again, though this time in support of their new LP that'll come out later this month. sweet goodness.

and good to see one last chance to catch them at the casbah before they blow up and the smallest venue we'll get to see them at is Soma (gag!) so definitely check them out. just "blackle" vampire weekend and you'll pretty much find a bajillion websites talkinga bout them being the next big thing. the video for A-Punk is pretty fun too.

if you were me

... you've been sick the last 5 days, and watched more movies than you have fingers. you missed great shows from Roxy Jones, Roman Spring, Vision of a dying world, The Prayers, the muslims, the sess (who i've been wanting to see), Anna Troy, the list goes on.

hopefully you're feeling better and looking forward to a show this tuesday at the Zombie lounge. Secret Apollo, us, Love Pentagon. it's gonna be ... legend ... wait for it ... dary!!!

so yeah, come on out. if you don't trust us. take these guys words for it:

"The Modlins are busy spreading their pop-rock seed in support of their second album With Friends Like These. Love Pentagon is an all-female band from Las Vegas with a thing for 'psychedelic dance rock' and unicorns. I could tell you something about Secret Apollo but, well, -it’s a secret." -SD City Beat

"Well-heeled indie oddities the Modlins bolster what's already been a catch-all week for Zombie Lounge. (Keep it up, undead booking guy.) Check out last year's Shins-y Here's to Being Happy and tell me again San Dagans cain't do Baroque. Cherry bill includes Love Pentagon, Secret Apollo, Pan de Sal, DJ Ding Dong, and Horror Nate" -SD Reader