Wednesday, July 30, 2008

91x Loudspeaker : vote for Frantic Romantic?

taking my 5 minute break from the office whip, i wound up at 91x Loudspeaker's page, and saw that our buddies in The Frantic Romantic are up for the Showcase Of The Month voting, for their song Back Again, which you can listen to on that Loudspeaker page. they are competing against Problems by Buddy Akai, and Size Matters by Stripes and Lines, so go vote for them, because if anything, it'll waste 2 minutes (91 seconds? (eh? eh?)) of your day, as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

with shakes like these

no, not milkshakes. although that does sound good right now. maybe i should go eat lunch before blog posting... anyways, 5.4 outside of Chino, good times. almost rocked me as hard as The Casbah last night. yea, you like that transition? i thought so. pictures, and possibly video evidence, to come later this evening, but in the meantime, just a quick shoutout thanks to everyone who came to see us last night, which included, but was not limited to, all the guys from Swim Party, Roxy Jones, Joanie Mendenhall, the most excellent Cafe La Maze crew, Stoph's brother Tom (visiting from the ILLinois), and 4 out of the 5 irish guys who are spending their summer living in the apartment next to mine. and a huge thanks to Apes of Wrath, The Happy Hollows, Eef Barzelay, Tim Pyles the maxmister master of ceremonies, my roommates who got home from Vegas at 3am Monday morning but still stuck it out, all the other ladies, and everyone else who stayed through the whole show. It was a bit of a late Monday night, but what a great one!

We're getting ready to log a few more hours in various studios, as we are jealous of all these other bands with their CD Release shows left and right, but in the meantime, see you Friday at the Whistlestop, and hopefully, at the Ken Club later that night!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anti-Monday League @ Casbah, July 28th

UPDATE: looks like this will be our 100th show as the 4 piece modlins you've come to know and love so well!!! come out and wish us well!!!

we've got a casbah show next week. it's really good.

Apes of Wrath (SD)

The Happy Hollows (LA)

Eef Barzlay (formerly of Clem Snide - Nashville/Brooklyn)

party like a superhero

You, your super friends, and even your arch-villains are all invited to attend the “SuperHero” Exhibit! Party along with us during San Diego’s International ComicCon! Live music [The Modlins], DJs [SSI], and great finger foods and sushi will be featured along with Effen Vodka drinks, spicy house guests, and overall good times.

When is this you ask? Thursday, July 24, 7 P.M. to Midnight. This is a great way to start off the ComicCon for what is certain to be a super weekend of art, movies, Godzilla, costumes, gaming, amine, and even more parties.

“SuperHero” is a celebration of the popular arts, great friends, and creative opportunities, brought to you by your pals here at Ninthlink and Murphy Design. Numerous artists who have traveled from around the globe to attend the ComicCon will be in the spotlight at “SuperHero,” along with many, many fans of pop art and culture.

Featured artworks will celebrate the theme of the “SuperHero.” Attending guests may commemorate the theme in costume if they wish.

We’d love to see what superhero and popular character costumes and outfits you have!

Where is this happening, you ask? Only one mile away from the San Diego Convention Center, at the Warehouse Space located at 1616 National Avenue, San Diego 92113.

There is no cost for this event—yes, that means FREE! Cash bars will be available.
Live Music from The Modlins and SSI. 21 and over please! Sorry, no small children with the folks permitted due to the serving of spirits during this event.

Featured Artists will Include:
Anthony Lister + Jeff Soto + Joel Nakamura + Jen Lobo + Matt Stallings + Luke Chueh + Mark Todd + Esther Pearl Watson + Martha Rich + R.G. + Peter Taylor (Handmade Feet) + Andy Howell + Kathie Olivas + Chris Ryniak + Lola + Germs + Marco Wagner + Mark Murphy and many more. All artwork is available for acquisition!

Directions from the Convention Center:
End at 1616 National Ave San Diego, CA 92113.

Sponsored by Effen Vodka, HiFructose, Ninthlink, Murphy Art Books.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

North By North Park (NXNP)

Year in and year out it seems the same gripe: lack of a solid san diego music scene or some other nonsense. but anyone who goes out knows that's not the case. Case in point, NXNP Festival on Sat Aug 2nd. A single day of workshops and local showcases that truly gives all those other "something by something" festivals a run for their money.

first off, if you buy your ticket today it's only $12.50 (goes up to $15 tomorrow, and $20 day of). compare that to travel costs and festival tickets of say, SXSW ... well ... it's not even the same ballpark.

second, the workshops. They've lined up an impressive list of workshops covering everything from touring and record deals to marketing and music licenses. check out the full list here.

third, the showcases. over a 100 acts at 14 venues around uptown San diego. it's an insanely good local lineup featuring many great bands and friends. And to top it all off, they are offering a shuttle service! check out the full list of bands and venues here.

I just picked up a ticket and i highly recommend you should as well. if you have any interest in music, you should go here to register. see you at the registration table!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cafe La Maze, Tomorrow Night!!!

after the success of the last couple shows down at Cafe La Maze, we've going to be doing a once-a-month "residency" down there as part of their live music tuesday nights. the next date happens to be tomorrow (tues july 15th), so roll on down to national city tomorrow night and catch the mods in action.

we've also been getting some feedback saying "oh that's cool, but i'm not really big into steaks." or "we don't really go out to eat much" ... well fret not my dears, for th' Maze has much more to offer than good grub. ever heard of alcohol? they've got it. and cheap too. it's a nice place to sit down, kick back, and enjoy the sweet tunes while sippin' on the sweet nectar of the gods. would we lie?

if case you forgot about cafe la maze and our past shows there check out here, here, here and here.
from yelp, photo by merrily c.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the double double

looks like friday just got more complicated as well : already mentioned Vision of a Dying World / Scarlet Symphony / Thin Man casbah , but didn't know about Writer / The Howls / Lisa The Lush ken club free show. well, not really free because you know you're gonna buy at least a couple PBRs. or maybe thats just me. what to do, what to do...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

with weeks like these

sd: dialed in has the massive listings for this week, but since matt called me yesterday as i was in the frozen aisle of vons (ben n jerry's Neopolitan Dynamite is like Half Baked 2.awesome), i figured i'd post the ones i had picked out, and make the claim that this is a highly Modlin-recommended week.

wed 7/9 : Exfriends CD Release @ the Belly Up w/ Escalera, Stripes and Lines
thur 7/10 : by now you should be able to be in two places at once (sidenote, not sure if that sounds more like an album name, or a shoegaze-y band) : Sayvinyl / Swedish Models (cd release) / sideproject from Apes of Wrath @ the Beauty Bar, and Calico Horse / Silverbird / Japanese Sunday / The Focus Group - fundraiser for Demetrius Antuna @ the Casbah
fri 7/11 : Vision of a Dying World / Scarlet Symphony / Thin Man @ casbah
sat 7/12 : maybe not 4 out of 4 modlin recommended, but hey, i'll be there: Stay Classy tailgate gets you into the padres game as well. gotta do what you gotta do.
sun 7/13 : Red Pony Clock / The Donkeys / Shearwater @ the casbah
mon 7/14 : Joanie Mendenhall CD Release anti monday league + The Fascination, The Feeling's Mutual, The Valley Arena @ the casbah
tues 7/15 : The Modlins @ Cafe La Maze . word.
wed 7/16 : Frantic Romantic + more @ u31 ?

grand total : 8 days, 8 concerts. as eric said last practice, maybe we can just get some sort of week-long pass for the casbah...