Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new single "Monday Morning", Soda Bar 4/25

with the album nearly finished, we're getting the first single out as fast as humanly possible! at our upcoming Soda Bar show (this saturday, 4/25) ... we'll have an extremely limited number (44 copies) available for ... FREE!! that's right, get our new single (complete with b-side "it's out of your hands, chuck berry") for $0. it's streaming right now on myspace, so check it out, and if you want to snag a copy arrive early (though you should probably do that anyway, as we're on first)

unable to make the show but want to get a copy, don't fret. we'll have details soon about how you can sign up for our mailinglist and get a free digital download of the single. stay glued to the blog for the deets.

and don't forget, mark your calendars for Friday 6/5 .... "Where Does It End?" CD Release show with Writer .... epic.

Monday, April 6, 2009

look! finally uploading video from february...

that is me attempting to make a youtube playlist containing the videos i'm (finally) uploading that Matt took via eric's camera, during our last recording session with Deborah (and Mark) at Signature Sound. granted the recording session took place on 2/14, and it is now 4/6, but hey, better late than never, right?

also, the first video clip matt took was 12 minutes long, and youtube has a 10 minute limit, so i'll need to cut it in half, or take out 2 minutes, before i can upload that, which is why the first clip up there starts at "part 2"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

shows shows shows

We Modlins have a bit of a break from playing, until our show with Roxy Jones, LA's The Happy Hollows, and The Dimes (from the PDX) at the Soda Bar on Saturday April 25th. But while we are catching our collective breath, it looks like the rest of San Diego is blowing up? yo? here's just a taste:

tues apr 7 : The Howls, Gray Ghosts, Joel P West, Longstay @ the Casbah
thur apr 9 : Republic of Letters & Finding Fiction @ Bar Pink
fri apr 10 : Writer, The Knew, & Tape Deck Mountain @ the Ken Club
sat apr 11 : Apes of Wrath, Da Bears, Chaz, Valley Arena @ the Che Cafe
wed apr 15 : while we tentatively have scheduled our final mixing session for album #3, there is also Apes of Wrath, Roxy Jones, and Transer @ Soda Bar
thur apr 16 : Scarlet Symphony, The Art, & Braaiins @ Soda Bar
fri apr 17 : Wavves, Christmas Island, The Dabbers, Bipolar Bears, DJ Mario Orduno @ the Casbah
sat apr 18 : Writer, Calico Horse, Menomena @ the Casbah

oh its good to be back home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


upon closer inspection, there are 88 albums in my itunes that have exactly 14 tracks on them. my birthday is on august 8th. if that means i should not add any more albums with 14 tracks on to my itunes, then i think it invalidates the email i just sent to Matt Eric and Stoph. and that would probably mean that the mysterious song known as "It's Out of Your Hands, Chuck Berry" will once again be back on the chopping block...

we made it!

got back to the practice space at (i think) 12:07am, after leaving Portland at 620am yesterday morning, taking del taco to go from Redding CA for lunch, and in-n-out to go in Kettleman City for dinner. i took over the driving reigns at the gas station in Ashland, OR, and drove all the way to Kettleman City, only to be given the golden handshake as matt took the van that might be known as The Hulk(ster) the rest of the way home. so close to having driven the entire length of California on my own, but what can you do. i'll let the other guys give the final list of how many cds we went through over the drive, and what 3 states' license plates we failed to see (yes, we kept track of seeing plates from 47 states + 4-ish canadian provinces + baja). so just a quick shoutout to Qwong, The Tanked, Mr Joy Boy, You Yell You Kick, and Whiskey Goat, plus Eugene City Brewing, Amnesia Brewing, and McTarnahans, for a wonderful weekend. ok back to work...