Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Solo Britt Daniel of Spoon at Belly Up, SATURDAY!

go there now, buy tickets to see Britt Daniel of Spoon do a solo show at the belly up this saturday may 3rd. he did a solo show at the casbah a few years back, it was pretty sweet, he just played with a boombox filled with beats, i think it was post Kill The Moonlight, pre Gimme Fiction ....

sadly i'll be in SF this weekend for work. bust.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CANCELLED!! - Channel Twelve 25, May 9th - All Ages Show, East County

UPDATE: THIS SHOW IS CANCELLED!!! We will not be playing Channcel 12 25 on may 9th!! sorry everyone for having to cancel yet another all ages show. just been having some bad luck, but we promise not to let you guys down again. at least we'll be playing the free Cafe Le Maze and Sungod shows. and we've got a really great show cooking at the Beauty Bar next month. here's the old post still .....

"as you all know, we're playing the great UCSD SunGod Festival Friday May 16th, and though we've been playing around the SD scene for a bit, it often encompasses mostly 21+ clubs. To remedy this, and to give some of the under 21 crowd a first look at us, pre-Sungod, we're playing an all ages show in East County at the new venue Channel Twelve 25 on Friday May 9th (one week before sungod), within the next week we'll announce the other band we're playing with but in the meantime, check out the venue and if you're a UCSD student and/or live out in east county, check out our myspace. hope to see you out there."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

UCSD Sungod 2008 Lineup

here is the UCSD SunGod 2008 band line up ... according to The Guardian ... looks like there's a main music stage, a side music stage and a separate stage for comedians:

Main Stage
Coheed & Cambria (Headliner)
Sean Kingston
Little Brothers
The Aquabats
Matt Costa (Daytime Headliner)
Sleepercar- Two main stage acts TBA

Midway Stage (Comedians)
Laura Valdivia
Shery Wang
Chris Farbanks

North Stage
Lady Dottie and the Diamonds (Local Headliner)
Wylde Bunch
Bill Magee
Neon Trees
Radio Racer
The Modlins
The Drowning Men
The Muslims
DJ Artistic

UPDATE: though not listed on the guardian page, apparently DJ Z-Trip is also on the bill.

sungod 08 lineup announced!

on the main stage:
Coheed & Cambria (Headliner)
Sean Kingston
The Aquabats
Matt Costa
and more

on the North Stage:
Lady Dottie and the Diamonds
The Modlins
The Drowning Men
The Muslims
and more

for the full(er) listing, check out :

and, just for you, one random fact on one modlins bass player:

once upon a time, in a land far, far away, known as Pomona, inside a house made of glass (the Glasshouse), there was a show of epic proportions, as The Aquabats vanquished the evil from the land. but the vanquishing made the room hot, and a kind bouncer decided to distribute water bottles to the crowd. only, this particular time, at this particularly hot show, with this particular bouncer, the particular distribution method of choice was to throw the bottles as hard as could be straight into the crowd. and one hit me on the head. and left a lump.

Fri. June 20th, Beauty Bar with The Happy Hollows, Get Back Loretta

another show alert! friday june 20th we'll be playing with san diego's premier pop outfit Get Back Loretta and a super exciting band from LA, The Happy Hollows. SD Dialed In's Rosey just caught them the same night we saw them for the first time at the beauty bar, and it was amazing. check out her review here. mark your calendars for this one, you won't want to miss it. it's gonna be legendary!

May 13th, Cafe La Maze

we'll be playing a evening show at the historic Cafe La Maze on May 13th. if you're looking for a nice dinner, and some sweet tunes, head on down that night. we'll be there!

Monday, April 14, 2008

if you were me ... for the week ....

if you were me tonight, you'd be headed down to check out Tim's ever-wonderful Anti-Monday League ... featuring Kill Me Tomorrow, Wilderness, Book of Martyrs. At the casbah as usual...

Wednesday's a bit of a crapshoot ... i'm not going to cat power ... so that leaves ....

Writer, The Drowning Men, The Snow @ U-31
Thin Man, The Sess @ Tower Bar
Joanie Mendenhall, Michael Tiernan, Correatown @ Belly Up
Dynamite Walls, The Shambles, Anna Troy @ Anthology (10pm)

geez. Joanie's is a CD release, so that's giving me a slight lean. wednesday is a toss up on good shows. pick your own ........ i would like to hit up the shambles, anna troy, dynamite walls show, but my last (and first) experience there was less than favorable.

thursday .... hands down, 91x loudspeaker show. Swim party's last show for awhile. It's at the belly up, republic of letters will be there, with bill (who i don't know, but i hear they are good) and some band called High Tide. the $9 pre/$11day of price digs a bit deep, but the pre-party at Pizza Port more than makes up for it.

i'll be in san francisco all weekend so i'm gonna miss some good stuff, but i think it's for the better cause again, i can't decide where i'd be:

The Frantic Romantic, Book of Martyrs, Modern Rifles @ Ken Club
Action Jackson presents Calico Horse, The Red Feathers, Red Pony Clock @ Beauty Bar
Feel The Noise Presents The Silent Comedy, Scarlet Symphony, Get Back Loretta @ U-31

those are my top three (in no particular order) ... and for saturday ...

Hotel St. George, Death On Mars, Writer, Lady Vain @ Ken Club
Scarlet Symphony, Qu’est-ce que c’est, The Atoms @ Zombie Lounge
The Muslims, Pre, DJ Mario Orduno @ Tower Bar

Sunday ... Dirty Sweet , The Binges, The Roman Spring @ Casbah ... i wish i could be there. after our little jaunt with roman spring, i need my fix.

for those who didn't catch us in albuquerque (which is probably all of you), we did a cover of The Strokes "is this it?" and had alex of roman spring join us on stage and sing ..... never agree to anything at 3am in vegas. but it was awesome.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

we're back! Whistlestop Friday!

hey all, we're back in town after our (too) short jaunt around the soutwest. Thanks again to Action Cat , former young americans, Sister Cities , Panic! and Lousy Robot for some fun times. Check all these guys out, they're worth the listen. quite a shame the tucson date didn't work out, but hopefully we'll make it there one of these days. and of course, Huge Thanks to The Roman Spring for making it our best trip out of town yet. they're playing april 20th at the casbah with Dirty Sweet. you know you'll be there.

but now that we're back, mark your calendars for this Friday! We're home and hitting up the best free friday night stop ... the Whistlestop!!! playing with the Billy Midnight offshoot, Bobby Fantasy!!! 21+, 9pm, and free as the air you're breathing. assuming you breathe air. and are living. cause if you're dead, well, we don't need your business. no zombies allowed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If You Were Me (and not going on tour)

.... you'd have a pretty sweet line-up of show coming up. here's the breakdown (and extensive rambling since today is basically my friday) ....

Thursday, April 3rd:

if you were me, you would for sure hit up TNT at the MOCA in downtown. Exfriends are playing with F.U.Z.Z. and Longstay. according to the ex-friends mailinglist, they play from 9-10pm. after that, you'd better haul ass over to the beauty bar to catch Frantic Romantic, The May Fire and Fascination .... though now that you're thinking about it, last time the first band started at 9:30 (sorry Joanie! we started at 10 ... i didn't know!) so maybe this plan will be a failure. well, if you were me, you'd maybe have to skip the exfriends cause you already caught them last wednesday at the Ken, and you haven't seen frantic romantic in awhile (esp since their Alibi show got cancelled, and you're bummed about it). Anna Troy is also playing the Ken thursday, but you just saw her at the Casbah on sunday, so you can skip this one. bummer also, red pony clock is playing chasers and you haven't seen them in awhile .... geez. okay, thursday just sounds exhausting, so much good stuff.

but if you are me, you'll be playing The Beauty Bar in Vegas with The Roman Spring and Action Cat, you'll be up second. you will drink lots. there will be dancing.

Friday, April 4th:

holy! if you were me, you would be pissed that they didn't just add (The) Swim Party and The Henry Clay People to the "THE FEST" at the casbah. Casbah does it up again with The Sess, The Muslims, (the?) Vision of a dying world, (the?) red feathers, (the?) fantastic magic. so yeah, Ken Club's got a small but super sweet line up, Casbah brings the heat. You haven't seen the Sess or fantastic magic, and it's been awhile since you saw vision of a dying world. and you saw swim party last friday, but you really liked Henry Clay when they played Zombie Lounge a couple months ago. so again, you hate everyone. you'd probably learn how to split yourself in two, and send your doppelganger to one of the shows. (you also probably know at least one person who is strongly considering going to Viejas Dreamcatcher for Bret Michaels "Rock Of Love". and not in an ironic way).

but if you are me, you'll be playing at The Ruby Room in Phoenix with Sister Cities (who apparently are the next best thing since sliced bagels), The Former Young Americans and, of course, The Roman Spring. you are are also pretty happy the high is suppose to be 85 degrees as opposed to 105 the last time you played there.

Saturday, April 5th:

if you were me, you'd probably be tired from the work week. you'd do some laundry, maybe hit up Torpasta. Then you'd probably head to the casbah for a pretty sweet "out of towner" night. The Little Ones (from LA) are playing and ever since you were called a "Retro Rock version of The Little Ones" in Performer Magazine you've been meaning to check them out live. you've also heard good things about Ra Ra Riot and The Morning Benders, so you figure "yeah .... that sounds good." Echo Revolution is also playing the Beauty Bar that night for their CD release, so you thought about hitting that up, but since you caught them at the casbah for the Staring at the Sun CD release, you've had your fill for now.

... but if you are me, you just crossed into uncharted modlin terriority, and you're gearing up to play your first New Mexico show at The Tiki Lounge with Lousy Robot and Cherry Tempo. oh yeah, and THE ROMAN SPRING.

Sunday, April 6th:

YES!! boy are you happy. if you were me, you'd be loading up on some Stone Beers and heading to The Habitat to check out Dave Williams and Trash Can Fires. you love The Habitat, yes you do. and Roy, that guy's alright! afterwards, you've thankfully worked out the schedules and somehow managed to find away to catch everyone at the Zombie Lounge (including Writer and Joel P West) and everyone at the Ken (including Roxy Jones). you're pretty proud of yourself. look at you, so smug. you act like your shit don't stink. and it don't!

but if you are me, you'll be playing your last show of the tour at The Hut with Tucson locals Ultramaroon. did i mention Roman Spring will be playing too? Heck Yeah!

and if you are me, this will be your road map:

you also are wondering if this whole "if you were/if you are" thing makes any sense. you're sorta realizing it doesn't .... but you don't care either way, you're gonna keep doing it.

you also don't understand the concept of "labels for a post" and went ape shit.
you shouldn't quit your day job.