Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On the road again!

The Album release is behind us ..... and what an amazing one it was. Huge thanks go out to Writer (especially Jayme for helping out with the drum "marching line") and to Hot TV (esp Tim for similar reasons). also, thanks to Tyler from The Exfriends for rounding out the drumline. and to Dayna and Joe for forming our first horn section. and a debt of gratitude most likely never to be fully repaid to Mark Bertuldo for being awesome. it was an incredible night, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to Rosey and Natalie, our local music blog heavyweights, mingling admist the crowd. and thanks to Tim Pyles for giving the title track Where Does It End? a some spins the last couple of weeks on fm 94/9. and of course thanks to the Whistlestop for being the proud sponser of "the modlins release another recording".

If you weren't able to make it out and pick up a copy of the new record, we should have the online ordering section up soon. but until then, we're hitting the road so catch us around california. We'll be in SF (sat 6/13), Sactown (fri 6/12), LA (sat 6/20) and one last show in June in san diego with The Minor Keys at the always lovely beauty bar (sun 6/21). Flyers above, love below.

the modlins (xoxo)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one chord to another

looks like our trip up to Olympia, WA and back was all that more nice, as i saw today that there has been some good love for The Modlins on Olympia's 89.3fm KAOS , during their One Chord To Another show, Monday nights at 9pm.

According to their oc2a blog, the first our of this past Monday June 1st's show was "Tonight" by Jason Anderson, Jeremy Egnik's "Life's Too Short", Connor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)", The Modlins "Bad Night's Sleep", Camera Obscura "You Told Me A Lie", Grizzly Bear "Southern Point", John Vanderslice "Sunken Union Boat", Built To Spill "Kicked It In The Sun", Silversun Pickups "The Royal We", and Spiritualized "I Think I'm In Love". That is not bad company at all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Does It End? - Album Details, Full Tracklist

the albums are in our possession and ready for distribution. And this friday will be the long fabled release show of our third album, who's tracklist we've yet to disclose to you. let us remedy that now:

The Modlins - Where Does It End?
1. Where Does It End?
2. Pink Parachutes
3. Monday Morning
4. Blue Balloons
5. Well, What's It Gonna Take?
6. Marching Line, 1945
7. It's All Gonna Blow Over, Soon (Positively 4th Ave.)
8. O, Diana
9. Will You Wait for the Chance
10. Wait in Your Words
11. The Birds of Manhattan (reprise)

see you friday!!!! (and if you're unclear on what's going on, look down a couple posts, you should find some flyers)

(note: monday morning and the b-side "it's out of your hands, chuck berry" are streaming on myspace now ..... in case you read this blog, but somehow missed that bit of news)