Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fm 94/9 , copying our idea, making me go back to the Belly Up

Ok, maybe not totally copying our idea, because our idea is that on thursday the 4th, 3 bands play their 3 SDMA-nominated albums in their entireties. And the FM 94/9 deal doesn't say anything about album entirety, just a night of friggin sweet rock and roll excellence. yea. what if i were to tell you that on Wednesday September 10th, you could Modlin friends Swim Party (Best Alternative nominee) AND Apes of Wrath (Best Alt Album nominee), plus Arm The Angels (nominated for Best Hard Rock + Best Rock Album), all for just $5? Might that be something you'd be interested in? Word. Get your tickets ahead of time here, and 50 cents of your $5 ticket will go tot he San Diego Music Foundation and the About the Music fund. Double word score. Also keeps up the streak of Alex (me) only goes to the Belly Up when Swim Party plays there. Triple word score. Well done, boys, well done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


if ATP can have their "don't look back" series, well ... san diego can do one for SDMA nominated albums. expect this to be an unforgettable night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new poster, new word, more shows


thats this upcoming Tuesday, as in a week from today, at Cafe La Maze. as always, expect all your Modlins favorites, plus lesser-played songs as well, that you know and love from the albums, but sometimes don't make it in to live shows otherwise, but you still know and love from the albums, right? or something. also, this time, there just might be a little something something that you've never heard The Modlins do before. will it be a whole set without Eric breaking a string? will Stoph sing the whole set on his own, as the other modlins recover from laringitis? does anyone know how to spell laringitis? who knows. all i can say, is nothing

which brings us to point number two. a new word! when you try and picture something in your mind, without actually seeing it, you visualize it, right? so what about if you try and listen to something, without actually hearing it?


and on that note, more shows! Friday Sept 5th, Modlins have the distinct pleasure of playing with our friends Loverlee at the Knitting Factory in LA, as part of a night of awesome in honor of Justin Riner's Bday.

(i think we're the "& More")

Justin is the drummer from Loverlee, he likes sunsets and long walks in the dark, and he is getting older. i think. the show is ALL AGES, so bring your kid sisters, and your parents, because lets face it, we love you all, but those are some demographics just waiting and ready for a dose of Modlin. right? i think i'm rambling too much. also working out final details for another San Diego show very very soon, so yes.

and if i can figure out how to get pictures off my cell phone (forgot the actual camera at the 12 hour studio session last sunday), we'll get some of that up as well. happy tuesday!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Benefit For Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

So our friends are doing Team In Training and will be running a full marathon in October to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We're trying to help them raise money, so we've organized a special show next saturday (8/16) at The Radio Room (ex-Zombie Lounge). Our good friends, The Roman Spring, along with the amazing alt-folk band Hellow Sunshine (feat. members of Crash Encore) will be playing. it's only $5 to get in and all proceeds from the door go to benefit this cause. in addition, there will be a raffle, and plenty of other good greatness (or is it great goodness?) It all goes down Saturday August 16th, at 9pm. So please come out to support their cause and catch a great show.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friends Like These .... the FM 94/9 Recommended!!!

remember all those CD release shows we were telling you about? well, looks like our good friend Tim Pyles at 94/9 dug them too ... dug them so much in fact that EVERY SINGLE ALBUM is an FM 94/9 Recommended! and 3 out of 4 of these albums are nominated for best album awards!! (i'm guessing secret apollo didn't make the 6/30 deadline.... expect to see it next year for an SDMA though)

Let's Recap:

Matt Curreri and The Exfriends - "Joy of Life"
- 2008 SDMA "Best Pop Album" Nominee

Joanie Mendenhall - "On a String"
- 2008 SDMA "Best Pop Album" Nominee

Swim Party - "Pixie Dust on the Blood Range"
- 2008 SDMA "Best Alternative Album" Nominee

Secret Apollo - "Hiding Something Great"
- 2009 SDMA "Album of the Year" Nominee*

*this hasn't been confirmed, but i'm sure it'll be true in a year.

what does this mean? well sheesh. if you haven't already, you should be "doing the right thing" and be picking up a copy of each of these albums online or through your local independent record store. And of course picking up a copy of SDMA "best pop album" nominee With Friends Like These from our website.

Also, props to Apes of Wrath's "Plastic Fake and Frozen" for a 2008 SDMA "Best Alternative Album" Nomination. we played their CD release show for this record back in March. We were excited to have been a part of that day, and now continuing to see this bad boy succeed.

so what should you keep your precious eyes peeled for next? keep em tuned to the whistlestop for a double-header of release shows:

Aug 22nd - The Donkeys "Living on the Other Side" CD Release show - check it!
Aug 29th - Writer "Blood Drops" CD Release Show - 2008 SDMA "Best New Artist" Nominee

yeah, you bet those are going to KILL!!! damn, i love san diego!

Monday, August 4, 2008

SDMA nod, album number three ...

what a great weekend .... on saturday the nominees for the 2008 San Diego Music Awards were announced, and the "little-engine-that-could" album "With Friends Like These" was nominated for Best Pop Album. Two for Two! if you forgot, "Here's To Being Happy" (our first album) was nominated for Best Pop Album in 2007 (side note: though both came out in 2007, HTBH came out in early 07 and WFLT came out in late 07 so they were in different groups. cut off each award group is the end of june)

We're really honored to be choosen and even more honored considering the competition (i mean, Exfriends "Joy of Life" and Joanie's "On a String" sheesh ... stiff competition) the complete list can be found at Street. congrats also to Swim Party for "best Alternative album." ... they've got some damn tough competition too.

so, how does a band celebrate releasing two albums last year, both being nominated for SDMAs in their respective years? with our first recording session for the as-yet-untitled follow-up to WFLT (aka Album #3). our dear friend and sound engineer for our last album, Deborah Reeves, came over to house for a more "D.I.Y." approach to everything. we ran through 4 new songs which may or may not make the final cut. it was a fun and long day filled with plenty of music, friends, bbqing and beer. i would include a few pictures, but blogger is being difficult, so looks like they'll have to wait.

instead, i'll remind you that if you haven't already picked up a copy of "With Friends Like These" you can do so by following the "buy now" link on our website: or at M-Theory Records in Mission Hills, Music Trader in PB, or Off The Record in North Park.

here's a link to the official SDMA site, you know, just cause:

UPDATE!! here's those pictures i was talking about:

Friday, August 1, 2008

You Said on YouTube!

oh yes! today is the day! our first ever official Modlins' Music Video, for the track 'You Said' off our latest With Friends Like These, is aliiiive, on YouTube. Extra super special thanks to the one and only Adam Shaw for directing, lighting, filming, editing, and all other types of -ing's as well. Not that you don't already know, but still, he is (at least?) 1/3rd of Secret Apollo, and they are playing the Whistlestop tonight for the CD Release for their new album, Hiding Something Great. but we are done hiding this music video (wow that transition was rougher than i thought it would be), so check it out, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your frienemies, The Modlins, You Said

update : eric was like "isn't vimeo better quality? how do we get it on that?" so here it is from there as well. overkill? maybe. happy friday!

The Modlins - You Said (Official Video)