Friday, February 29, 2008

Arcade Fire play Free Ohio shows in support of Obama

damn, anyone wanna fly to Ohio?

Ken Club Tonight!

don't miss out on your free friday night entertainment. Ken Club tonight. 10pm - Syndicate, 11pm - Repeater, 12pm - The Modlins.

It's gonna be an exciting night. we'll be, of course, playing many selections from our now Itunes available albums "With Friends Like These" and the 2007 SDMA nominated "best pop album" "Here's To Being Happy."

see you tonight!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

coming up next ...

if you made it out last night, you know how great it was. but we refuse to stop (you know, that whole objects in motion tend to stay in motion thing?) .... we're cooking up some big things in the modlins idea pot, and they're almost soup. what big things you say?

maybe a music video, a tour, a TV performance?

yes and yes.

more details to come in the next week or two on all these fronts, but don't think we're slowing down. in the meantime, we've got 2 amazing shows coming up. Double up fridays! we return for a friday night gig at the ken club with up and comers Syndicate and Repeater (from Long Beach). last time i saw Repeater at the Ken, i was amazed. they had a kind punk-y wolf parade-ish quality to them. I think we all bought EPs after their set. you'll not want to miss it.

then friday next week, Apes of Wrath's CD RELEASE PARTY at The Beauty Bar!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

casbah, round two

recap of casbah, round one ... if you didn't make it out last night to casbah, you missed out. Frantic Romantic Killed it .... i'm thinking '08 is gonna be there year. thanks again to tim for having us on air, spinning Her Political Heart, and being all around one of the coolest guys in the local scene.

in case you've been under a rock, we're playing tonight at the Casbah with british sea power and colourmusic. woo!

as for this week, since i've forgotten to do my "if you were me" bits .... tomorrow night there's this thing put on by SushiArt that will have Andrew Bujalski (director of Mutual Appreciation) and The Duplass Brothers (directors of The Puffy Chair) down at a place called BASIC on 10th in downtown. apparently the Muslims are also playing a set. I couldn't find much info on it, but the last fewbday/xmas gifts from my filmmaker friend Gen has been these two films, so i think this event is pretty noteworthy. wednesday, i'll be heading out to catch Andy and the boys in Writer play U31. and of course, don't miss Friday at The Ken Club (as if you needed reminding). we're playing with Syndicate and Repeater. and here's a picture cause i know people hate posts without pictures (taken by Neda at our last U31 show) -

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kite Flying Society Breaks Up

so i just read that fellow san diego indie-pop band, Kite Flying Society, has broken up.

funny that i found out about local band news on a kentucky music blog (or more specifically, from Alex). i hadn't seen them around town much and knew they'd been recording, but i guess that didn't quite come to fruition. best of luck to all the members, and perhaps we'll keep our eyes peeled for a new pop band 'round town.

PLAN A!!!!

City Beat's giving our monday night casbah show the seal of approval (the coveted Plan A) .... though i'm pretty sure it's cause it's with British Sea Power, but we'll take what we can get. you know where you should be.

Plan A - Here's Where I'd Be
British Sea Power Article in CityBeat

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

more fm 94/9 love

thanks to our "recommended" status this month, the old album got another spin on FM 94/9. this time it was the title track, With Friends Like These, that graced the airwaves on valentine's day (bullwinkle's day to those in the know). Along with other recommended bands for February, this is the 3rd track from WFLT that's been played on fm94/9 (warm up and we're not quite through were the others played late last month) check it out here:

2.11.2008 through 2.15.2008
Monday – Grand Ole Party “Look Out Young Son”
Tuesday – Louis XIV “Tina”
Wednesday – Red Pony Clock “Don’t Forget Who Your Friends Are”
Thursday – The Modlins “With Friends Like These”

also, an update to the Habitat show in march. it's now on Friday the 21st (changed from Saturday the 22nd). and it will feature The Facets and The Besties (from NYC!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FM 94/9 Recommended!!!

This month, The Modlins are one of FM 94/9's recommended bands for our album With Friends Like These, along with Grand Ole Party, Louis XIV and Red Pony Clock. check it out here.

you can pick up a copy of the album at M-Theory Records, Music Trader PB and Off The Record. if you can't make it out of the house, or just feel lazy, hit up our website, and there's a link to order online.

Monday, February 11, 2008

opening for British Sea Power!!!

Casbah. Monday Feb 25th. 94/9fm sponsered Anti-Monday League.

The Modlins will be opening for British Sea Power. if you are unfamiliar:

that should help you out.

you can buy tixs in advance ($12) or the door ($14).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Performer Magazine

Performer Magazine's latest issue reviews our los angeles CD release show (the one at the silverlake lounge w/ swim party) along with live sets from Vampire Weekend/Grand Ole Party up in SF, and a few others. you can read all about it here. ah memories .....

Monday, February 4, 2008

with februaries like these...

and while we are talking collanders and calendars, here's, as best as i can pull together right now, a list of modlins-recommended shows for the month of february. with friends like these, i'll only have to figure out what to do with 15 of the next 26 days, because almost half of this month is already filling up with rock. here's what i got, here's to being happy, let me know if i missed anything.

wed 2/6 - joanie + secretaries / the fascination / emery byrd @ u31 (free)
thu 2/7 - the vision of a dying world / the paddle boat @ tnt mcasd (free-ish)
fri 2/8 - transfer's cd release @ the casbah, with apes of wrath / holy rolling empire / the sea of cortez ($12)
mon 2/11 - swim party / talkdemonic / a.m. vibe / f.u.z.z. @ casbah anti-monday league ($7)
wed 2/13 - hot hot heat / louis xiv / editors @ hob ($25)
wed 2/20 - red feathers / the paddle boat / the sessions @ u31 ($5)
fri 2/22 - swim party / silverbird @ the whistlestop (free)
sat 2/23 - secret apollo / drowning men / more tba @ tower bar (free? $3? $5?)
sun 2/24 - frantic romantic / get your death on / war stories / inigo @ casbah fm 94/9 tim pyles sunday night (free)
mon 2/25 - red pony clock / old man hands / bad weather california @ the che ($5)
fri 2/29 - the modlins / syndicate / repeater @ the ken club (free!)

11 shows, 34 bands, $54ish in cover charges, ~ 214 miles of driving round trips from my apartment to the venues @ 24mpg @ $3 / gallon = $26.75 in gas, assuming i can hold myself to $10/night at each place = $190.75

renaming february 2008 februaROCK = priceless.

ok in hindsight maybe i could do better than "februaROCK," but you get the idea...

shows aplenty

the calendar is stacking up with shows. we're giving you nearly a month off from the mods before we come back. Hard. in addition to the previously announced 2/29 ken club and 3/7 beauty bar (both fridays for those who can't stand midweek shows) ... how about an all ages saturday show and a free sunday at the casbah? yeah, cause we're that nice. here's how it's looking ....

02/29/08 The Ken Club .... w/ Syndicate, Repeater
4079 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

03/07/08 The Beauty Bar ..... w/ Apes of Wrath, Music For Animals
4746 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115

03/22/08 The Habitat (ALL AGES!!!) .... w/ The Facets, more TBA
21st & Broadway
San Diego, CA 92102

03/30/08 The Casbah - CD Release for Staring at the Sun Compilation
2501 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

The Casbah show will be extra good as we're playing with Secret Apollo, Anna Troy, Echo Revolution and Andy & The Haunted Honky Tonkers. apparently The show is FREE!!! (wha?!) ... a FREE compilation will be given out (free music,what/!?) and the drinks .... will still cost money. but with all that money you'll save at the door and on merch, you can now buy enough booze to get you and your friends drunk without breaking the bank (and still afford the taxi home). yay sundays!

a hard rain's gonna fall

well ... our practice space flooded.


we rent a monthly space and we've been having to move our stuff back and forth because they had to strip out bottom parts of the wall, replace carpet. lots of delays. and now it was finally all back in place after approx 1 month, and we finally got to leave our stuff in the practice space after our U31 show, and damn flooded again. so, i think it's gonna be time to relocate soon. hopefully our gear is okay.

as for news, check out the latest issue of Performer Magazine, the west coast edition. There's a review of our CD release show at the silverlake lounge with swim party, eux autres and the fresas. it's not online yet, when it is, i'll provide a link.

as for saturday night, what a party. Roman Spring and Swim Party killed it at the ken. we caught about half of the focus group's set which was good too. looking forward to this spring, that's all i have to say.