Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Pop Album!

It's official! As of about 8:05pm last night, With Friends Like These is officially the Best Pop Album in San Diego. Or, at least, at that time, we won the San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Album released between July 1, 2007, and June 30, 2008. Woohoo!

Just to reiterate some thanks, now that I am more or less finished with my state of shock (there was some stiff competition): we'd like to thank Deborah Reeves for recording the album, Kyle Thompson for mixing and mastering, Patrick Hruby for the most excellent artwork, Renny Rhanor for the always wonderful photography, and all the bands we have become great friends with (see our myspace top friends). All of this was only possible... with friends like these?

If you have yet to pick up your own copy of With Friends Like These, never fear! The album is still available through iTunes and PayPal, and at local San Diego Music Trader, mTheory, and Lou's Records (I think)


To think that, earlier yesterday afternoon, Stoph was like "should we even wear the suits if its just the two of us?" to which I replied "if we weren't wearing suits, they might not believe that we are The Modlins." good call on my part? and matt and eric, you picked a heck of a two weeks to vacation.

and as a footnote, watch out for the yet-to-be-titled Modlin Album #3, tentatively due in early '09!

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