Monday, June 21, 2010

another tour weekend under the belt, another show makes 150

yes, according to the count (ie, the number of shows we've played, not the muppet vampire), our Sacramento show at Old Ironsides on saturday night was #150. and also one of the best-sounding shows we've had. i think. anyways, thanks to all who came out and supported us during this past weekend tour. it was a fun whirlwind that just would not have been the same without our Hot TV friends. we even found ourselves with some spare time in the San Francisco South Park, conveniently near the 21st Amendment Brewery. we had a video camera or three, so stay tuned for another Modlins music video!

also in digging through photos, Stoph points out that one we took while doing a photo shoot for the inside of the upcoming Late Night Feel is very similar to a couple curb photos from yesteryear. how similar? you decide!

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